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 What If? - Darren Smith

What If?

What if the body of Christ got serious about our mandate form the Lord? What if we really started to live like Jesus is coming back tomorrow? What if we even lived like He will return in our lifetime? What if we lived like Jesus was with us all the time and watching everything we do? What if we really tried to love our neighbors? What if we truly got a burden to take care of widows and orphans and to feed the poor? What if we lived a life of love and forgiveness everyday?

Do you think things would change?
I read a report in a book stating that 65% of all Morman young men give two years of there life on the mission feild as soon as they get out of high-school. What if we could get 50% of young Christians to do the same thing, what would happen? What if we placed just as much concern over our young peoples souls as we do what college they get in or how much money they can earn? Do you realize the impact 50% of our young people giving two years to the missoin field would have? Why are we not serious about winning souls to the Kingdom? There are countless people in our country alone who do not know Jesus. Just this Saturday, I preached a message in the street about really knowing Him and I used this simple aproach: Do you know Jesus or just recongnize Him? Recognizing Jesus is not enough, I recognze Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, but I don't get free tickets to the games. But if I knew him, that would change. Most people today recognize Jesus, but they don't know Him and its amazing that once they see this they are open to Jesus.

With that said, we must go back to the what if's. What if we had enough ministers out there winning souls? Saturday we didn't have enough people to pray with all the ones seeking prayer, much less enough to take the needed time with all those open to the Gospel. We could buy more food, more water and bring in more people willing to give their time to work for the Lord. What if the church really got on fire for missions? Would that eqiup missionaries that are out here everyday in a life and death battle over souls. What if instead of sending youth groups on ski trips, we sent them into the inner cities? Would a group of fired up young people fresh from a revival experience, in the mission field stir up a church? I feel that I must keep challenging the staus quo in todays religon and stir people back to true christianity. Radical Faith that storms the gates of hell to set the captives free. Watered down feel good self-centered religon will only make the world worse and make us conform to the ways of the world. You don't believe me? Then I ask you why the divorce rate is the same in the church as out of the church? Why so most young people lose there faith after they leave home? Why are so many of our young people in church no different then those who are not? These are hard questions that most do not want to answer or even think about.

Then I ask you this: What If Jesus came back today? What if He came back right now? Would the life HE finds you living be worth His dying for you?

What If these words touch you and I and we repent and start living out Radical Faith?
What if we sent this email to everyone we know? What would happen?

Darren Smith

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