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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Question in regards to lodgings in London (and traveling in Wales)

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 Question in regards to lodgings in London (and traveling in Wales)

Hello brothers and sisters, particularly those in the UK :-)

I am looking for suggestions on inexpensive lodgings in London, or if there is anyone out there who lives in London and enjoys having brothers and sisters stay with them.

Lord willing, five of us (four from my family, one from my church) will be in London for a few days around the end of November (after the Wales revival conference).

I know that Travel Lodge is a good option, but I'm looking for more ideas.

Thanks in advance!


 2009/9/1 20:30

 Re: Question in regards to lodgings in London

Are you still looking for lodgings in London city? There's an option you may not have thought of and it might help with others looking for accommodation in Wales or even Ireland during the revival conferences and it's a site which deals in special offers covering apartments as well as rooms:
You simply put in your desired location, date and how many in your party, and click on rooms or apartments. You'll get a long list of rooms/apartments available for the stated dates and occupancy. With the 'apartment' option, the total cost is for the apartment rather than rooms and some are priced very reasonably, even cheaper than a lot of rooms and you get a bit more space. There are many complexes that cater for larger or mixed groups (i.e. 2 separate apartments in the same building) I'm sure God will lead you.
I'll be praying...
Joy :)

 2009/9/8 18:12

 Re: Question in regards to lodgings in London

There are some nice rooms outside London for 50 LBS. or less, with bus service that will take you down town...these are airport type hotels, but nice, with good food. and other tour agencies will help with packages too. Maybe some church group will help with an offer of a per diam per person; say, 25 lbs. per person, ; per day. it is an expensive place.....

keep trying and a praying as you go...........

 2009/9/8 18:47


Thank you to those who responded to this post (both here and pms). I was able to find a reasonably priced Bed and Breakfast in central London. :-)

I do have another question for those familiar with the UK and Ireland. We're looking into our different travel options for traveling from Ireland to Wales. I have two options- 1. A short flight from Dublin to Cardiff with a short train ride. OR 2. A long ferry ride from Dublin to Holyhead, long train ride from Holyhead to Swansea. Would it be a neat opportunity to see more of Wales if we took option 2? Or do you recommend the shorter route of flying and no opportunity to really see much of Wales? It is a bit cheaper to do the ferry/train but it will be a long day of traveling.

And I did look into renting a car but it would be quite expensive, especially adding in the ferry fee and petrol.

Thoughts anyone?

 2009/9/15 11:09


Hey Joy,

The way to go seems to be Rosslare to Fishgard. Rosslare is abour 80 miles south of Dublin and then its a shorter ferry ride accross to Fishguard which is quite close to Lougher. I do have information on how to get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea, but if anyone is travelling on the Sunday, 15th, then I think it would a deal more complicated as public transport is sporadic in Britain on a Sunday. Brother Brian and I will be travelling together in a car that I have rented. I have not decided finally if I am going to Ireland, although I very well may, as the Scotland outreach and the Irish conference overlaps. If I go, I may have space for a couple of folks. I will be travelling to London Heathrow on Sunday the 22nd and dropping of the car Frank

 2009/9/15 14:33


Hi Joy,
Brother Frank's suggestion is a good one, but I don't know how all 6, plus luggage would fit in the car. Maybe a few could go with Frank and a few others with someone else? If I was going to Ireland, a few could have come with me.

It would certainly be a scenic route by train and, as you Americans say, a 'neat' way to see Wales... :), but it will be a loooong day! You do have the option of a shorter but more expensive way, not as scenic, if you go by plane from Dublin? It's weighing it up...
I'm sure I haven't been of any help, but wanted to try anyway! :)
P.S. Sometimes it's cheaper to club together to hire a car rather than train fare for all of you and you could maybe do this in Wales rather than Ireland, to avoid to cost of ferrying the car across??

 2009/9/15 15:13


Thanks, Joy and Frank, for your replies. They were helpful.

I looked into the Rosslare to Fishguard ferry and the only times I could find that the ferry runs is 9am and 2135 so that makes it difficult traveling from Dublin to arrive there in time for one of those departures.

Renting a car in Wales is a great idea. Thanks for mentioning that, Joy. There are actually only five of us so it is feasible to rent a car, just as long as we hardly have any luggage!

I'll keep weighing the options...the price difference wasn't too much. $81 to fly from Dublin to Cardiff and take the train to Swansea. And around $68 to take the ferry and train. Those prices are per person....

Options! We'll keep thinking this through and praying about it.

Brother Frank, if you really were coming to Wales and had the extra space we might could send Taylor and Jon with you...let me know how seriously you're thinking about going to Ireland.

Thanks again!

 2009/9/15 18:54

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Renting a car in Wales is a great idea. Thanks for mentioning that, Joy. There are actually only five of us so it is feasible to rent a car, just as long as we hardly have any luggage!

Just make sure you drive on the correct side of the road! Or maybe you can straighten them all out and tell them they are driving on the wrong side of the road. Everyone knows you need to be driving on the right side!

Josh Parsley

 2009/9/15 20:57Profile

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