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 reading worldly books

I came across your question and some of the other posts intrigued me. I have two grown daughters and have had to have this conversation with them many times.Every book, magizine, CD,or other forms of books or entertainment, have a insperation. As born-again believers we know that the bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is the only book ever given to mankind that is inspired by God from beginning to end. The Word(bible) is given to us for guidance on salvation,holiness,marriage,God ,finances, and anything else that pertains to the kingdom of God.Which brings me to your question, By whom are all these Harry Potter books inspired by? If they are not inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, like the bible is,or christian Hymns and choruses are, then who are they inspired by? The Word of God tells us they are inspired by the spirit of the world. And this worlds books will pass away. The Lord Jesus Christ said that heaven and earth will pass away, but His Word would remain forever! Let us build upon the Rock of Ages,intead of chaff which will be blown away with the wind.It bothers me today that so much of the body of Christ has no discernment. I think it is because a lot of the church is in love with the world. I have told my two daughters, not to see how close they can get to the world,and still be saved. But to see how close they can get to GOD. This world does not interest me,like my Lord Jesus Christ. He is so precious, His presence is worth more to me than all the money in the world. For me to live is Christ, to die is gain. Back to the original question( about Harry Potter books and other worldly books). If you were trying to get in shape, eating right and exercising daily , after you had done this regimen for several months, you would start seeing results.Right? So then this friend comes over and offers you a nice big helpng of cynide, with a sidedish of arsnic. Would you take it? Of course not. But yet in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ in America.(U.S.A.) We like to take a little truth and mix it with the Worldly thought patterns and believes! And then we wonder why we don"t see more of His Spirit manifesting in our churches. Faith cometh by hearing,and hearing by the Word of God. The Bible inspires faith, godly music inspires faith, Reading books by great ministers like Smith Wigglesworth,John G. Lake, Watchman Nee inspires faith and strengthes your faith muscles. Worldly books have never inspired anyone to greatness for God. I poured the scriptures into my daughters, and took them to Church every chance I got.Now they are 19 & 18, and both of them are serving the Lord. Are you ( AMERICA) going to be a God-pleaser or a man-pleaser? Do you have the love and guts to live for God? Are you going to live by your faith and convictions? Or are you going to live by every wave of doctrine that sweeps the Church? I am 45 years old ,and have been saved for 25 years. I try my best to be a GOD-PLEASER. I try to be true to my heavenly Father and true to myself.That is the best prescription for a good-nights sleep every night. Keep your spirit pure by the Blood of the Lamb and your heart and mind on Him who is able to keep you. His grace is more than enough to keep you in these trying times. truthseer


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