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 Time passing by

Greetings brothers and sisters

Over the last few weeks I have really been amazed at how fast time seems to be passing. Its strange to me because for the first time in my life as I sit here and think over this past year that is already more then half over it has really cause me to reflect on the the verse in Matthew 24:22
"And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened."
I wonder has any one else felt that time is moving faster? for me I just keep thinking that with what time I have here, I really want to be about the Lords kingdom and not be distracted by the things of this world. I do not want to have waste this life living for self, I want to be living for Him!

God Bless

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 Re: Time passing by

Dear MaryJane,

My husband and I both feel the same thing and have remarked many times when we read Matthew 24:22 how we believe it is happening now.

Watching for the Bridegroom,
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 Re: Time passing by

Your getting older! :-P Welcome to the club.

When we were young the world was slower because our stress level wasn't based upon where we'd sleep, what we'd eat or working for a pay check, it was based upon having fun. Time has been flying for the generation that hits 40. Even though it does feel things are speeding up, we know it isn't because our clocks still run the full hour each day.

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Deepthinker:I don't think it has anything to do with getting older. I feel this same way and I am no where near my forties and same goes for my husband. I was just commenting this evening on how this summer has just really flown past so incredibly fast.

Maryjane: I agree with you that the time we have here we need to be about Jesus Kingdom. I wanted to share this with you before but did not have a chance, its really good so I think i will post it and share with everyone.

With care

"I've come to this conclusion; there is a move of God in the world today, but not amongst the unsaved. It's amongst the redeemed who are determined by the grace of God to be part of the Bride. And to be part of the Bride you have to be divorced from everything in the world!"
-L. Ravenhill

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Do Clocks lie? They don't speed up because the Earth is spinning faster. When I was 23 many many moons ago I remember saying to myself that time is speeding past me. But it was the stress of the times. We get busy doing so many things and society, the news media, bad news, Television, Internet, cell phones, all these things all contribute the sense that everything is speeding up. If we were to break free from this rat race and absolutely have nothing to do with technology, and quiet our spirit, we'll find that life will slow down.

And besides the verse used is being taken out of context. The days shortened does not mean the actual days being shortened, it speaking about tribulation being shortened for the elects sake.

 2009/8/30 12:01

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Deep thinker
I was not talking about tribulation/revelations, but on the other hand I bet if you speak to some christian brothers and sisters in other countries they would have plenty to say about tribulations they are going through. And no this is not a topic about end times for me, that was not want I was talking about in my first post, if I made that unclear please accept my apologies:-)

I was talking about how for me and others that I have heard from of all ages, it seems as if time is going by faster. Perhaps a better way of explaining it is, a sense from the Lord that time is short. I want to be reflecting on those things He as for me and I was wondering if others were seeing this to? Father has placed in me a stronger desire to be about His Kingdom and to not get caught up in the garbage of this world because of the sense of urgency I have been seeing lately.

When I thought about the verse I was more thinking about how this life is actually very short, time is precious and we are each of us only given a certain allotted amount of time, I have just been more reflective about what and how I am using that time. I was not attempting to take any verse out of context, but I will say this if that verse has caused me, or any others to be thinking more about the Kingdom and Jesus and less on the distractions of the world then that is all that really matters to me:-)

Have a wonderful Sunday

Oh just an after thought, you asked "do clocks lie?" Yes mine do all the time especially when their batteries get old:-)

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