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 Working in the Harvest ~ Extreme Devotion

Andrew’s ministry in Bangladesh saw 749 Muslim converts baptized. Additionally, the ministry was involved in distributing more than 3,000 Bibles and New Testaments and over 137,000 gospel tracts.

But Andrew saw the dangers of many Muslim converts and established a sanctuary that serves as a safehouse. Christian families or individuals from all over the country arrive at the secret sanctuary, but not for rest and safety. The new Christians are taught in discipleship and evangelism from sunrise to sunset.

After graduating from the program, they are sent out to another village where they were not previously known. This becomes their new mission field! These Christians arrive at the compound to escape from danger, only to be trained for an even more dangerous situation. And they know that they are not alone; hundreds of their brothers and sisters have gone out before them to take Jesus Christ throughout Bangladesh.

Andrew’s work is not without risk. He has been arrested and held repeatedly by the police and beaten by radical Muslims who fear his outreaches. His family and home have also been continually threatened. Andrew’s ministry is to provide safehouses for Muslim converts, but his ministry is hardly safe. It is a daily risk to his family and those involved in his ministry; however, his students receive eternal life and graduate to give others the same opportunity.

[i]Imagine a farmer attempting to harvest a large crop alone. No matter how diligently the farmer worked, he would not have enough time in the season to complete the task. Jesus compared lost people to a field of souls ready to be harvested. That job requires too much work for one person to do alone. Consequently, we are called to employ a similar strategy to Andrew’s method in the Bangladesh safehouses. We must tell others how to tell others about Christ. It is not enough to win converts to Christianity. We must win disciples who, in turn, learn to be disciple-makers. Are you the farmer struggling alone? Or are you showing others how to work the field?[/i]

Recommended ministry that is playing a vital role in the harvest work:

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