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 Homeschool Cirriculum

Hello all, my wife and I are beginning to look into homeschool cirriculum. Can anyone give any advice on which cirriculum worked best for them, pros/cons... Bless you all, rnieman

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 Re: Homeschool Cirriculum

Glad to hear that you are looking into homeschooling, it is a very rewarding experience for the whole family. My wife and I are starting our 5th year of homeschooling and we don't regret the decision for one minute, admitedly it is difficult at times and yet very worthwhile.

We have been using [url=]Christian Light Publications[/url] They offer curriculum for 1st through 12th grade including teacher aids and support materials such as science supplies. The curriculum is well rounded and very affordable. Our children enjoy the lessons and often teach themselves while reading through the lessons, which adds an additional sense of accomplishment. Their main complaint is with the Social Studies courses which they don't find very interesting and I have to admit they are a bit dry in that subject.

Whatever curriculum you choose just be ready to adapt as you go and tailor the teaching to each child. Also, I would highly recommend that you read the following book from Susan and Michael Card, it is very helpful...

[url=]The Homeschool Journey[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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Thank you Ron, I appreciate your wisdom. Russ

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 Re: Homeschool Cirriculum

We use ACE paces.

We started with the 1st grade.

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We have used Bob Jones University's Home School Curriculum and it is light years ahead of anything the public schools put out with excellent teachers for every age group through satellite hookup or DVD's. Not cheap, but well worth it. We have also used Switched on Schoolhouse which is more at your own pace, but totally computer based for those who are computer savvy.


Clint Thornton

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Our three children were home schooled using ACE paces too. We found the pacing of the lessons just right --- not to heavy as to tax the student, but challenging enough for then to develop good self-learning skills. Compared to regular schools which have a tendency to push kids too quickly into advanced subjects, ACE tends to focus heavily on mastering the basics before moving forward.

With our eldest son, we noticed that at about grades 4 to 7, his lessons lagged behind regular school because of exercises aimed at mastery. By the time he reached the higher grades, he was flying with ease because he had mastered the basics early on. He started going to regular school as a high school sophomore, is now a University student, and he has always maintained a straight A average in school.

Judging from this experience, we can recommend ACE paces for your home school curriculum. Be warned, however, that it requires close parental supervision, specially during the first couple of years. Once the kids have started self-learning it becomes much easier.

My two younger kids are still being homeschooled with ACE paces.

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 Re: curriculum, wonderful day school also...check it out! :-)

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 Re: Homeschool Cirriculum

My wife blends several different curriculums together. Some BJU, some Abeka, etc.


 2009/9/1 7:29

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