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 God answers prayer

After returning from town today my wife could not find her purse though she looked everywhere. When I got home from work she was on the phone to the store where she had been asking if anyone had found her purse. Nothing. We gather the children around and prayed some specific things about the situation. 1) We thanked God that he knew right where the purse was. 2)We asked God to show us where it was if it was just lost. 3) We asked that if it was found that someone would call and tell us. 4) We asked that if it was stolen that God would work on the heart of the thief and they would return it. 5) We asked God for wisdom as to how to proceed in this situation.
After prayer I had the feeling that I should go to the store to see if I could locate the purse. My wife remembered getting in her purse for money to give to a charity at the exit of the store. She knew she had to have lost the purse between the exit and the car thinking she probably left it in the cart in the cart return. I went to the area she had parked and did't find the purse in any of the carts. There was a trash can beside one of the cart corrals so I took the lid off and looked in. There close to the top of the trash can was a brown purse I thought looked like one my wife had.
I looked in the purse and soon saw that the contents of the purse was not my wife's. I took the purse to the store service desk and we called the police to ask them what to do with it. At this point I thought it was my wife's purse and someone had swapped contents. After calling my wife I realized it was not her purse at all.The police took the purse I had found to return it to the rightful owner and I went home praising God that He still knew where the right purse was.
At ten-o-clock pm the store calls and says they have found the purse with all the contents, cash and all. Hallelujah! God knew where it was all the time. In fact,it was at the store service desk when I was there with the other purse but a shift change had delayed the process of contacting us. God used us to help another lady find her purse and get several important documents back that would have been tossed into the trash. Isn't He an awesome God.
Another blessing in it all was when I went in to tell my 6 daughters (age 12 and down)that the purse was found. There they were, gathered around the beds praying that the purse would be returned. What a blessing that spoke to my heart. Praise the Lord.


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 Re: God answers prayer

Thank you for sharing. Praise Jesus for the return of not one but TWO purses.

Romans 8:28

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Losing the purse was necessary. It is wonderful to hear how your family prayed. That is such a wonderful image you gave me with that story.

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 Re: God answers prayer

Yes, praise the lord.

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God's ways and His answers to prayer are always more wonderful than we can imagine. Thank you for sharing.

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 Re: God answers prayer

My wife and I don't have kids yet, but I'm always open to ways to teach them about God. Praying together about simple situations like a lost item or anything of that sort is a GREAT way to do so! I'm so glad your situation turned out in your favor, but better yet, in someone else's too (the person who lost the other purse).

Lucas Hughes

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 Re: God answers prayer

Praise God!A great lesson for everybody especially for the kids.God does answer prayers!


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