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 I dont know what I would do

If it wasnt for Jesus Messiah, how I love You Jesus for taking my sins and putting them under the Blood. How I love You Father God for sacrificing Your Only Son. Abba God, I'm a father, I cant imagine Your Grief, and I am indebted to You FOREVER. God the Holy Ghost, I thank You for Your Indwelling Spirit IN me, I would be undone and ruined without this Counsel from You, please forgive me the times I heed it not.

Thank You Lord, thank You Lord, for Your Mercy and patience to me, your child, and thank You for Your Word, and thank You for the fellowship of your saints, my brothers and sisters. I pray Grace, Mercy and Peace for all of them. Thy Will be done on earth and it is in Heaven.

That is the testimony of my heart, keep me and hold me, forever, amen, your neil

 2009/8/26 0:23

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 Re: I dont know what I would do

Greetings Neil

Thank you for sharing your heart here with us tonight. In these days that often seem very dark it is comforting to know that we can hold unto Jesus and that He will never let us go.

God Bless you brother

 2009/8/26 1:25Profile

 dearest sister MJ

I dont know why I wrote that, the Holy Ghost just came over me, and I HAD ...HAD TO testify, the fruit of my lips as to the over flowing of my heart......MJ, you know what, and I dont say this in theo-arrogance, but I know EXACTLY what Paul meant what he wrote when he wrote this:

"while I am among I resolve to only know Jesus Christ and Him crucified."

Jesus will NEVER let us go, and THAT is our rest, our hope, our inexpressible joy, [b]our Faith[/b] so holy and beautiful.

so holy and beautiful, Jesus.

 2009/8/26 6:12

 Re: If the LORD had not been on our side...

Neil, The above song (based on psalm 124) came to mind when reading these post~ Praise GOD for holding us through it all! Thanks for your sharing here~
...where would we be?!

 2009/8/26 6:51

 Re: thank you dear brother hquest

That truly blessed my soul.

 2009/8/26 7:21

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