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 .pdf document sermons able to be downloaded

I'm currently looking for a site that will allow me to download pdf's of sermons offline. I downloaded an app on my iTouch that allows me to read pdf's wherever I go, so I have some spurgeon, piper, washer, calvin, and augustine on there right now but am looking for more. Books by these men are welcomed as well but I havent been able to find a site that lets me download pdf sermons/books by these guys. Well, only a few I suppose but I'd like more of a variety of websites

Lucas Hughes

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 Re: .pdf document sermons able to be downloaded


You can make them yourself! download the free version of cute pdf and you can print out a web page in cute instead of your printer. PM me if you need more info.

Before I make a pdf, I usually copy and paste to a word document because I don't like all the extra web page stuff.



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