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 waking up with the same song on my heart

For several days I have been waking up depressed. I have also been hearing the song "Take up Your Cross and Follow Jesus" in my spirit for quite some time. I am choosing to submit to God.
At this time I am unemployed and if I watch the news, it seems that the reports of the world are a real "downer".
I am a faithful tither and give offerings regularly and I am not in debt. I know that my God shall supply all of my needs.

My mother passed away Dec.2008. I took care of her full time for 7 yrs. I do miss her.
I would rather go to heaven than try to "survive" here! I know it is not about me...but it sure would be nice to not have any concerns for the future.

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 Re: waking up with the same song on my heart

Dear Sarita1905,

Your post touched my heart. Perhaps you can reprogram your 'song' to one of Praise. God has allowed me to do this. I copied the words to 'Holy, Holy, Holy' onto 3x5 cards and carry them with me everywhere. Now I know the words by heart and sing them internally all day long. It is the first thing that comes in my head when I awake.

Although you are feeling sad, reading your post you sound rich. To not be in debt is a blessing worthy of constant praise. That you were able to devote 7 years to caring for your mother is another joyful reason to praise Jesus. Many mothers are not so fortunate to have devoted caretakers. The fact that you miss her further attests to the blessedness of your relationship with her, another thing for which to give praise to Jesus.

Do you see where I am leading? It is a matter of perspective. God is giving you many wonderful blessings and precious time to recognize them for the gifts they are. If God, in His wisdom, chooses for you to be unemployed, look around you and see how it is He wishes you to be employed - Praising Him.

With love,
white stone

Lord Jesus Christ,
Son of God,
Have mercy on me,
a sinner


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