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 Seeking an answer(if there is one)

Greetings brother and sisters

As I shared my dad passed away yesterday and it has brought up some questions in my mind. my dad did tell my sister that he was praying a simple prayer confessing he was a sinner and asking Jesus to save him just before he died, but I also found out today that he requested that a priest come in and give him last rites and hear his confession? My dad was a Catholic for most of his life, and held to many of their traditions. At this point I am not sure what this means? Do you think it matters that he asked for last rites? He did also seem to understand at the end that he was a sinner and that he needed Jesus. I will be honest this is the first time I have had someone this close to me die and I am really praying and not wanting to give into imaginations about where my dad may be now. I know I have asked so much of all of you and you have been very kind and generous with your prayers but if Father places it upon your heart please pray for me to just walk in trust and faith in the Lord. His will be done.

God Bless you

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 Re: Seeking an answer(if there is one)

I'm sorry about your Dad.
I know it is hard on you now.
Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.
God will show you about your Dad.
My Daddy died at age 69, and I wasn't a Christian then, and after I got saved, the enemy tormented my mind about my Daddy not being saved.
I had doubts that he was saved.
One night God showed me in a dream or vision, I really don't know which it was, but He showed me my Daddy right over my head, and he was so young looking, and was so at Peace.
I knew that God was letting me know that my Daddy was with Him.

The Blood cleanses from all sin.

Remember the thief on the Cross didn't have time to make restitution or anything, and Jesus saved him.

I don't know why your Daddy asked for a Priest, unless it was because he had been a Catholic for so long.

God is Faithful.

I pray that He will comfort your heart, and give you good memories of your Dad.

God Bless

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 Re: Seeking an answer(if there is one)

Hi MaryJane,

I'm sorry to hear your loss. I've found comfort from this quote by Martin Luther. I hope it will provide comfort to you as well MaryJane.

"Now since it is uncertain and no one knows, whether final judgment has been passed upon these souls, it is not sin if you pray for them; but in this way, that you let it rest in uncertainty and speak thus: Dear God, if the departed souls be in a state that they may yet be helped, then I pray that thou wouldst be gracious. And when you have thus prayed once or twice, then let it be sufficient and commend them unto God. For God has promised that when we pray to him for anything he would hear us. Therefore when you have prayed once or twice, you should believe that your prayer is answered, and there let it rest, lest you tempt God and mistrust him.

But that we should institute masses, vigils and prayers to be repeated forever for the dead every year, as if God had not heard us the year before, is the work of Satan and is death itself, where God is mocked by unbelief, and such prayers are nothing but blasphemy of God. Therefore take warning and turn from these practices. God is not moved by these anniversary ceremonies, but by the prayer of the heart, of devotion and of faith; that will help the departed souls if anything will. Vigils, masses, indeed help the bellies of the priests, monks and nuns, but departed souls are not helped by them and God is thus mocked."

(from his sermon on Lazarus and the Rich Man Luke 16:19-31)

 2009/8/18 17:27

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