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Brother Greg thought it might be a good thing if I share with you guys the things that are going on here in TX. So heres some new stories:

Open-air meeting on prayer:

Last night, thursday night, Jeffrey Olver and myself decided we wanted to do some open air preaching on this campus (the Honor Academy) so we went infront of the dorms with my car again.

There were some people outside already so I stood up on my car with my mic and said "I know some of you are in a conversation right now, well I'm about to interupt your conversation so just put it aside because I have a burden to preach!" People put there conversations a side and most of them sat down to listen.

I felt burdened to preach on the topic of Christian warfare, specificly that of prayer. Sometimes we can have the mentality that praying time is wasting time but nothing is farther from the truth. Praying is like farming. You plant seeds and work the soil but you don't see the affect and the harvest right away. It takes time. But eventually it comes. Same is prayer. It may look like it's not doing anything, but just wait and you will see the fruit of your labors. The bible says to pray without ceasing. Therefore praying time is not wasting time but rather the opposite. Time spent without praying is wasting time. Jeff got up and preached after me on prayer being like a bomb that goes up but yet comes back down in due time to affect whole cities. What goes up must come down and likewise what doesn't go up can not come down. John Wesley "God does nothing but in answer to prayer".

We closed up around 10 oclock. We had a steady group of about 30 interns. It was awesome! We are doing another campus meeting of prayer, praise, and preaching tonight at 8:30 so feel free to pray for that.

 2004/9/10 16:17

 Re: open-air

Tyler Junior College

A friend of mine brought me to his college, TJC, to witnessing with him for a bit and then witnessing while he goes to class. We started in the cafee talking to one of their employees named Paul.

I spoke with Paul who was very very open about the scriptures. I asked him questions and showed him verses like Ps 7:11, 1 Cor 6:9, Rev 21:8, all the typical witnessing verses. After speaking for maybe 20 minutes Paul, who on the outside looks like a thug, was in tears and said he wanted to turn to God from his sin. He said he was ready to be born-again. He told me he believes God sent me there to give him a wake up call. We were able to pray with him that God would make him a new person and he invited us to come visit with him to talk to him about the bible. He even said "Man you guys need to go around this campus and tell everyone these things!".

My first ever college campus open-air:

While my friend went to class I started to look around at everyone on the campus and pray. Once the class change came I stood up on a bench and preached hell-fire. I had an instant crowd of 100 people in the first minute! I had some hecklers which was exactly what I was looking for. After only 5 minutes one of the men who works there shut me down and brought me to his office. He said I need to speak with the administration building to get permission and find out what type of rules and regulations were established. I expected this much from what my friend, John Duncan, told me. He preaches on college campuses full time. You could look him up on the net if you want.

There were christians that came up to me and said "Awesome job bro, keep it up" and "I stand with you bro!" etc etc while the un godly said not so nice things.

A security guard actually gave me a warning and said if I come back without permission he will arrested me etc etc. He gave me the # to the cheif of police so when I come for the administration building I can call him and let him know. Pray that everything goes smoothly as it should considering the constitution. I would say things went excellent for my first time ever preaching on a college campus! I have some friends who want to go with me next time and there are some other local colleges I will be checking out.

 2004/9/10 16:27

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Wonderful to hear how God is blessing your ministry. Did you happen to record the sermon? I'd love to have heard it. Lately in my own excitement to go out and do open-air, I have been forgetting to record my sermons :) Also, since you are preaching at a Jr college, I believe that technically means the school is private property and lacks a "free speech" area, so, I think you might have to expect some encounters with police. I won't say don't preach there again, for I believe we have divine sanction to preach the gospel anywhere regardless of the rules of the land. I've done it before and will do it again. But, do be careful :)

Jimmy H

 2004/9/10 17:52Profile


Yes I did record it however it was only maybe 5 minutes until they shut me down. They said all I have to do is speak to the Administration to see able getting permission to do it again.

There is a Texas University in Tyler that I want to go and do some open-air preaching at. I have never been there but I'm sure I can find it.

Bro, deffinately just keep obeying the Lord and preach "whether they hear or whether they refuse". Deffinately keep me posted on your open air ministry. Just keep going at it!!

I am going to see what I can do about getting things I record unto the net. I still have the David Ravenhill interview plus I'm taking a team to Dallas for open-air tommorow and would like to record that. Patience is a virtue.

 2004/9/10 18:43

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