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 The morning I heard the voice of God!...John Piper

I read this today, and from a conservative and honored brother Like john Piper, thought it relevant. We need discernment in days like these, and knowing the difference in the voices are very important; our salvation can be dependent on it.

Also, let us not put God in a box of our own doctrinal persuasions . He can speak to us directly, or in a variety of ways.

 2009/8/13 4:55

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 Re: The morning I heard the voice of God!...John Piper

Thought this article was very good. I was taken by the way he describes how God was speaking to Him and then the added twist that it was 'just' the scriptures.

So often we fall into the trap of wanting to hear God speak and yet he speaks volumes from His Word! Very thought provoking and applicable for my own life as a reminder of the greatness of his word.

Thanks for posting this. :-)

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 Re: The morning I heard the voice of God!...John Piper

Hmm interesting.

Thanks for posting this. I'm happy to hear this from a semi conservative guy.

Sad it's such a surprise when it happens in some ways.

I am not sure I totally agree with it though. I mean what he says is true, but I'm not sure totally true.

In His word the Lord spoke the same as a verse in the Psalms. This does not mean that specific words to us are not very powerful and very needed and therefore should be very wanted. Think of when God spoke to Paul and said my grace is sufficient. That was not a Biblical quote. Or when He told Paul fear not I have many people in this city. Subjective personal specific prophesy should not be downplayed.

So I might even lightly say that either Piper was telling a partial truth from a partial word he received, he was adding to his word by his own Calvinistic bias, or his word wasn't actually true.

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anonymity, mind if I ask you a very personal question? Have you ever heard God speak?


Sandra Miller

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