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 Broken Before The Throne Prayer Event


There is a live event for the next week, it is a prayer event called: Broken Before The Throne. This is an overall summary of the development of this movement of prayer.

I will share this account from my perspective of how these things unfolded to produce this prayer movement. I have been a pastor for a number of years and was directed to read some of the great preachers of old. Learning from them what they did and how they did and how God blessed them. I would think it only rational to believe that if God honored them, would He not honor us? I took great interest in their spiritual disciplines; how they read the Bible, memorized Scriptures, devotions, witnessing and the prayer life. I began a study of some of the great saints of old and teachings on prayer. I read Andrew Murray, George Mueller, Hudson Taylor and Praying John Hyde to mention a few. I quickly confessed my meager and small prayer life to these that bathed themselves with God daily. I also started to notice the prayer life of the church was little, if non-existing to many. The overall desire was to seek out those that had prevailed in prayer and experienced things like these dead saints had. I sought out TW Hunt, Dennis Kinlaw, Henry Blackaby, and found many others along the path that was praying deeply. Roughly during this time of speaking with these men on prayer I was given a book on the Keswick Convention and a collection of some of the most memorable sermons there. Also, John Hyde had assembled a conference to strengthen the church workers and laborers for prayer and holiness in India. The idea was birthed to have a conference to teach and labor in prayer. I had traveled to many conferences on prayer but found very few that prayed. I began to see that there was a lot of talk about prayer and interest in prayer but very few were doing it. I came away from Heart Cry for Revival with a desire for a lengthy conference that would spend time in prayer and give us time for the Lord to deal with us. Most conferences last 1 to 3 days and are geared for rest and entertainment more than laboring in prayer. In Acts they labored 10 days before the Spirit fell. It was set that we would bring in these praying people that had experienced revival and walked with God through the power of prayer. They would be given 2 /12 hours to teach, preach or share on what the Lord laid on their heart and then they would be responsible for taking the group gathered into prayer. That prayer time would be at their discretion for corporate, small groups or silent individual prayer time. There would be three session per day, a total of 9 hours per day in worship and prayer. This creates a place and time to stay before the Lord and wait on Him to move and work. It is my continued belief in the necessity of not short conferences and little or no prayer, but, a lengthy period that compels people to meet the Lord in unity and confession. One of the aspects today missing is ‘waiting before the Lord’. And because no other conference is built and geared like this it offers a desire to see revival come and an example set before the church of prevailing prayer.

Dan Biser

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 Re: Broken Before The Throne Prayer Event

Hi all. I'm on a break from this, as we meet for 3 sessions a day:8-11, 1-4, 6-9 (Eastern). It's a time of intense prayer, worship, and fellowship.

John McGregor just finished his final sermon/teaching (whatever you call it); he's been with us for 4 days. We've come to call him John "Barnabas" McGregor, who was/is with you at some of the SI Revival Conferences. I guess many of us needed encouragement and boy did he give it. Biblical encouragement in the FAITH, not FLESH. We have all been strengthened much by his coming.

We have other speakers all week, but honestly, God is the main attraction. Oh, anyone in the area of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, we'd love to have you join us.

I saw it last year, but more so this year. To me, this looks like what the Body should be. I recall testimonies out of Barnsdall recently sounded similar. A freedom of worship. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty! There is much time for Biblical fellowship and everyone has the same kinds of things on their minds. The Spirit speaks the same things to His people. And what a spirit of grace and love among us.

Wish you were here with us!! :-)


Tracy Hofmann

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 Re: Broken before the Throne Prayer event...

This is truly beautiful. Would love to have it happen in california. Be blessed. Wish I could be there... We all will stand truly broken before his Throne. God bless.

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