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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Need some guidance on a touchy issue?

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To anonymity:

You are not sure if it is Witchcraft? How far have we fallen, that we have no understanding of Satan, and his power to deceive fallen man?

[url=]Exposing Satan’s power- Telekenesis[/url]

I was raised in the New Age, with Ouija Boards, Astral Travel, levitation, the Great Invocation, all of the Alice Bailey Books (that I was forced to read by the time I was 15), as well as all of the "signs and wonders of Satan's lair". My parents told me it was "White Magic", but in reality, when I found Christ (or rather He found me), He wrenched me from the arms of Satan, from the pit of hell, from darkness into light, into the arms and protection of Jesus Christ. All of the lying signs and wonders come from one place, and one place alone- Satan! There is no "White magic". All of the "Magic arts" are of Satan!




anonymity wrote:

I'm not sure if it's witchcraft. It could be. But, if they are just trying by the strength of their mind then I'm not sure its all that bad. There are some toys I have heard of like that. I do not think they could actually levitate themselves other then some dark force though. So if the teacher was actually able to do it and was telling them to do it in some weird way then...

 2009/8/10 12:28

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