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 Help in understanding my new book.

I bought this new study book.
The Complete WordStudy New Testament with Parallel Greek Text
[url=]the complete Wordstudy New Testemant .[/url]

I want to figure out how to use the guide,
The book comes with a little laminated card with Abbreviated words, but im not making the connection yet?
Could someone smarter than me give me some pointers.... After I get home from work, i'll give an example...
thanks...... anybody...


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 Re: Help in understanding my new book.


What that bible does is utilize the "strongs" numbers. which simply means that each greek word in the new testament was is give a number and that number when looked up you can find a definition of that greek word and other occurrences of it.

Either there is a appendix in the back of that bible with those numbers that you can look up or you can search them online here:

I find this much easier and better to use. I personally use it, its a new edition and its great:

[b]Key Word Study Bible KJV (2008 new edition), Hardcover [/b]

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Joined: 2007/2/16
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Thanks, here is an example from my book.

aima1492 anaj4217 an,nn 26
1John 3:1 Behold, what manner of love
art3588 nn3962
the father
pfi1325 ppro2254 2443
that bestowed upon us, that we should be
asbp2564 pr/an,nn5043 an,nn2316
called the sons of God:

The strong's Numbers I get, it's the code key.
for example Father is nn. Noun. I get that..
Bestowed is PFI, "Perfect indicatiove active"
I have no clue.
Called is ASBP. "aorist subjunctive passive"
I need school now, cant afford it...
I need to learn what these mean...
Any ideas...thanks.
I have a whole card key with these abbreviations on them.


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Hi Poet,

Unfortunately there is no short cut. I would recommmend "Idioms of the Greek New Testament" by Stanley Porter... its not an easy read but it will explain these terms. If you can find a way to take some courses on ancient Greek some of this would begin to make some more sense to you.

 2009/8/8 12:31

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