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 Why is divorce so high in the church?

One thing I thought of is that the devil will attack Christian marriages to hurt believers and bring damage to the church and its reputation. Why do you think this is?

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 Re: Why is divorce so high in the church?

There could be many reasons why divorce is so high in the church.

I'm no expert, so it's only opinion from me.

First, the church seems to parrot the world in just about everything. And since divorce is high in the world, then guess what, the church follows suit.

As it is, many who attend church are not Christians anyway, but they know the cliches etc, so they get married, and when it doesn't work out, the answer is divorce.

Also, since people date, and split up, and date and split up, then when they get married, it changes to married, divorced, married, divorced and so on.

Someone who can see the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, will look to the cross throughout their entire life, and focus it on their marriage, children, home, everything.

To conclude, I also view eternity, either heaven or hell.

Both are forever. I don't want to do anything to make my family reject the gospel and lose out for all eternity.

God bless.

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The rate of divorce in the church is directly proportional to the rate of sin and carnality allowed by the church.

If 90% of the conversions in the country were actually real... and the church got serious about not being just like the world, or concerned about offending the world... the divorce rate, teen pregnancy rate, substance abuse rate, etc in the church would decline.

I agree w/ Paul Washer... less than 10% of the peopple in this country who claim to be saved actually are.

Or put it another way... if we made a whip and drove out all the posers (those who say they are saved but are not) then there would be virtually no divorce, etc. (before I get flamed, I am not saying divorce never happens to a truly saved person... I know it does)

The problem is the term "church". When people refer to the term "church" they are referring to organized institution. I believe in the true "Church" (capital "C") meaning the truly saved Body of Christ divorce is NOT rampant.

For those truly saved folks who have experienced divorce I absolutely feel sympathy for your pain. Divorce can and does happen to some who are saved. But the rampant divorce rate generally spoken of in the "church" is a different beast entirely and feeds on sin and carnality.


 2009/8/5 7:03

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Men are usually not trained and taught how to love their wives as Christ loved the church, and how to nurture their family. Of course, many of the men may be unregenerate, but, nevertheless, the training is usually absent.

Also, by loving your wife as Christ loved the church, I don't think it means simply love your wife a lot - I think it may mean love your wife in a covenantal way.

With care in Christ,

Taylor Otwell

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 Re: Why is divorce so high in the church?

What Krispy and Taylor said.

Deceived unbelievers [i.e. think they're saved] and baby believers getting married do enough damage to the institution all by themselves without the devil's 'help'


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AS the word say's, a little leaven, leaven's the whole lump...
A woman in our church is divorcing her husband, she claims to be a christian, he claims to be a christian.
I talked to my pastor about it and his answer is well atleast she is comming to church to get influenced some how...
Now everyone else who are watching that are not grounded in the faith, who should LOVE GOD, see this and think well, My happiness is more important that Loving God, and the cycle continues, because pastors have absolutely NO Morals towards God and HIS WORD.
Thats why divorce is so High in the church because leadership allows people in the church to stay in the church who would do such things.
If pastors were preaching on God's attributes, and the Fear of God, and what HE expects of us maybe people would get it.
I know, IM a meanie and don't understand people's feelings...but remember the church has drifted towards humanism and not towards God. We don't fear God anymore we fear MAN......
If we feared God we would tell the truth, instead we try to make people feel better like some therapist who is trying to get a client through life, without guilt, so they can function in society.


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I believe that most of divorces happend among proffesing christians. There are many who call themself born again christians who do not live as christians. Im sure that most of dicorces among 'christians' happend among those who disregard the commandments of our Lord and the Word of God regardeing marriage.

I have been married for 2 years and my marriage has not been an easy one, i fight for my marriage in a good way, the love of God is unconditional. How can we with a good conscience divorce our wives when they have not cheated us? My marriage humanly speaking is not happy, we dont have this spiritual union even though we both confess to be christians. I know that the source of happiness and joy is God and that love covers a multitude of sins.

I will better chose to be the most miserable man in marriage then dishoner God by divorce. There are many proffessing christian who think divorce is not a big deal.God is a God of a second chance thats true,he may forgive the sin of divorce if we repent (exception is when there is marital unfaithfulness)but that will marr our witness for the Lord.

Today people say that divorce among christians is as high as among secular people, even higher among christians. I dont believe that, thats a propaganda to dishoner God. Im sure that dicorece is high among proffessing christians and low among true christians who love God.


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elected wrote:


I will better chose to be the most miserable man in marriage then dishoner God by divorce.

Amen, Amen, AMEN!

Thank you brother. It is this witness and this attitude that is needed in the heart of believers today... An "all out, no holds bar" approach to marriage where spouses will "WORK IT OUT"! If it doesn't work out, there is no quitting. Instead you keep steadfast in prayer and in [u]your[/u] vows to the Lord.

Thank you brother. Your post is a blessing to me. May the Lord heal your marriage and make it a mirrior image of His image. :-)


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 Re: Why is divorce so high in the church?

The main reason is because people feel they are "entitled" to personal happiness.

Divorce happens only because one person says "I will not" instead of crying out to God and saying, "help me I cannot!"

patrick heaviside

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The church has a reputation of being alive, but the church is dead

Colin Murray

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