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 Bible colleges

Does anyone know any that allow financial aid and grants and that is distance learning, just wondering.Also does anyone know anything for a missionary bible colege online, i feel the lord wants me to do missionary work, i think but i am not sure.

John Beechy

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 Re: Bible colleges

Hey bro,

I'll try to answer question but I don't think it will be exact and mostly just advice sorry if you weren't asking for it:) I just thought it might be helpful.

I went to Bible college for quite a while and went soon after I got saved. I will tell you it was one of the best times in my life in growth and training. So here are just a couple thoughts stemming from that experience.

There is so much free stuff on the web or just in books or things you can learn at ministries or from brother ect. However, though maybe you just want the structure or something more enhanced and specifically geared toward giving you super excellent training.

One of the best things for me by far from going to bible college was actually being on the campus and being in close quarters with others who were christians, ministers, and ect. Probably the biggest things, but maybe you cant do that.

If you cant find a school that gives grants and what not often there are bible colleges that are unaccredited because they do not want to be under the binds of the state and so make a special effort to keep their tuition down since they know there are no grants and dont want their student to incur debt. Sometimes again though this is done by having the students do on site stewardship things. Then again though there may be some schools that are very cheap online or even free.

Im not sure if you are looking for a degree or not.

One of the best ways to learn is just from the Lord and from many of the on fire preachers freely available, but it is as the Lord calls.

Often times it is being a part of a local Church that will give you the best chance toward missions since they will be the ones funding it and not a bible college.

Last I guess is I went to Calvary Chapel Bible College. There are also extension campuses there sot that you can do your schooling overseas and get a taste for missions work in many places like Germany, Philippines, Japan, ect and it is relatively cheap and about the same price except the plane ticket. They also have an online school.

Other then that I do not know off the top of my head your specific answer. Hopefull someone else will answer or I might be able to talk to someone I know if you need further inquiry.

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