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 My Testimony

Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ.
My name is Jared Barnhouse and I was saved 8 months ago =]. I've been blessed by God for him allowing me to find this site and download sermons and share with my friends. I wanna grow spiritually being able to be a man of God and be pleasing to the Lord. I pray that if I will be that God will take me too heaven as he did with Enoch. My testimony goes as being a false convert for 12 years and as the teenage years come even before then I was in no way living a life of a Christian being addicted to lust and pornography Idolatry to video games and so. Around age 18 I was saved and released from this addiction after listening to a sermon by Paul Washer shocking youth message which God opened my eyes and pointed out my sins that were going to condemn me and I cried out to God to please forgive me and save me. He has and it's been the joy of my life and the Lord that I may live and rejoice with him in heaven. I would love to meet you all and talk about Christ or so. I hope this is a blessing too those that are struggling with sin that God can save you from that. Thanks for reading and God Bless :-D

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 Re: My Testimony

Thanks for sharing your testimony.

Great to have you registered on the website. May the Lord bless you and enourage you as you seek more of Him. If you haven't yet do listen to these life-changing messages:

[b]Reality in the Christian Life by Zac Poonen[/b]

[b]Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead[/b]

[b]An Interview with Leonard Ravenhill (video) by Leonard Ravenhill[/b]

[b]Judgment Seat of Christ by Leonard Ravenhill[/b]

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