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 topical anaesthetic

This was shared with me and I thought I would pass it along. Sadly there is much truth in these words. My prayer is to surrender my life to Him daily, my whole life!

topical anaesthetic
n. Any of various drugs that are applied directly to the surface of a part of the body and produce topical anaesthesia.

I found that most “Christians” I talk to today want a topical anaesthetic. They want a “part” of their lives numbed or anesthetized to forget their problems or appear “fixed”. They go through life telling themselves that “if only this problem would go away” or “if only I get this salary, job, car”, etc, then all would be well. They have not discovered that it is not “part” of their life that’s wrong but the whole. Interestingly enough the converse of topical is UNRESTRICTIVE. Jesus cannot be Lord of part of my life. He has got to have unrestrictive access and hold of my life.

Total Lordship not Topical Lordship.

He is not interested in changing part of us. He wants to change us totally, and swallow our lives into Himself and His Life, completely.

from:Heinrich, South Africa

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