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 Re: Christianity & Republicanism

so I think you are referencing the NWO things and a change in the lack of liberties being a move toward it and in order to understand that this is going on we have to hear from God. Is this what you are saying?

Not exactly. I more meant that Christians are going to be (are already being) deprived of freedom to practise our faith within the fabric of society on both sides of the Atlantic, in very subtle ways, and the challenge presented by politics is not the ethics being embraced by political parties, but that they no longer seek to represent God's biblical agenda for humanity.

The time has already arrived, that Christians should be practising a life which is as independent of political affiliation as possible, and, which draws men to seek God for themselves, so that they also may be truly free and saved from looking to other [i]men[/i] for their most necessary salvation.

It doesn't matter what we, as Christians, go through because of the NWO, but let us not lose touch with the only One who can save us [u]in[/u] the NWO, and despite it.

 2009/7/23 8:31

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