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 Harry Potter??

Here is my problem, I have a relative that wants to see this new Harry Potter movie. She knows that I do not agree with her seeing this stuff or reading it but she has her thoughts on it, so we do not agree. Now here is the issue, she wants me to babysit her children so she can go and watch this movie. I don't know that I should, a part of me feels that by doing so its like I am helping her to take part in something that I do not believe Christians should be viewing? I do not want to come across as if I am just trying to impose my view on the matter by refusing to sit for her either? I have been praying and thinking about this for awhile but honestly I still am not sure what I should do and I have to give her an answer soon. I know this probably seems kind of trivial with all the things going on today but I just wonder if anyone has ever had to deal with a situation similar to this and what the Lord was showing you in that time???

Thanks in advance for your council

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 Re: Harry Potter??

do you love her? I would assume, yes. then be of service and babysit the wee ones, my dear sister.

now if she asked you to host a tarot card reading party, well, thats a whole different thing, but just let her go to the movies, besides, trusting you with her precious ones? thats an honor.

much love in Messiah, neil

 2009/7/18 3:00

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 Re: Harry Potter??


What does your husband say about this?

[EDIT] I have learned it is best to go with my initial instinct in matters like this because time has proven this to be the best. We instinctively know what we should do but then excuses, logic want to crowd out this instinct, making one second guess what you know you should do.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Harry Potter??

Hi RDG. How hard this is, when it is within the family. Your question "I just wonder if anyone has had to deal with a situation similar to this and what was the Lord showing you..."

I've seen in myself when my conscious was telling me not to go along with various things that I tend to just go along with people so as to not make a stir. Now, that's not good. I've seen how in myself I wanted comfort with other relatives over what I felt was right. If it makes you feel better, I did this with the gospel...NOT really tell them the whole truth just because I wanted everyone to get along at the time.

But we, the Church of the Living God, are to be the pillars and support of the truth. (Rom 8?) This is the truth: God hates magic. Those who practice magic arts are not on God's approval list. (Rev 9:21, Rev 21:8, Rev 22:15).

We are to support that truth, even when it's not convenient. I can hear some grief on your part...i don't detect "high and mighty". This really is hard. But it also seems to me that if this person KNEW that you did not approve of such things yet she still asked you to support her in it, that really she is the one who has crossed a boundary. Even if we ourselves are not doing what we believe is wrong, we can give hearty approval to those who may be. (Rom 1:32) That's another thing i've seen/learned...many times I was giving approval by my action or inaction.

Maybe it's already too late, but perhaps beneficial in some way otherwise.

Tracy Hofmann

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I to have a a couple of christian friends going to see harry potter today, they don't see anything wrong in watching it or celebrating halloween either.I sent my friend apost about harry potter but henever responded to it and he still going today.I do not like the fact that they think it is o.k. Many of my friends like them to me seem to be more of cultural christians who think God is o.k with video games, horror movies, drinking alcohol, enjoying the things of the world etc. I preach against it to them, they love the bible but they still at times want to be involved in the world andi get angry at it and no one but me says anything usually. They did like paul washers 2002 sermon but i wish i could do something but i can't. I know how you feel.

John Beechy

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