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 "May your life be a prayer" ~Extreme Devotion

This interesting letter was smuggled out of Communist China:

“I am a teenager and a soldier in the Red Guard. I did not believe in any God, in any heaven, in any hell, in any Savior, in anything at all. One day I accidentally tuned into your transmission on the radio. At first I was tempted to turn it off. Good Communists do not believe in God. But I found the program interesting, so I tuned in again and again. Now I believe in Christ. But I have two questions.

“The first one: Does God accept anybody from Communist China? In your broadcast you speak about the church, but I am in China where we have almost no churches. Can God accept somebody without a church?”

This young soldier did not know how many unofficial churches existed in China or that all those who love Christ are the church. Then he asked his second question: “Would you please teach me to pray? You start every radio program with a prayer and you end with a prayer. I would like to pray, but I don’t know how.”

The soldier had never been in a church, but he said that he imagined prayer meant, “to speak the whole day so that after everything you say, you might be able to add ‘Amen.’ ”

What a beautiful definition of prayer.

[i]Prayer is not natural. In fact, it doesn’t come to anyone naturally because it is a supernatural experience. God gives us a spiritual desire to communicate with him. Like mathematics or language, prayer is a learned skill. The more we practice prayer, the more natural it becomes. The young believer in this story defined prayer as affecting every aspect of life and, thus, making one’s whole life a prayer to God. How are you growing in your own experience with prayer? Are you out of practice? Starting today, ask God to give you a supernatural desire to speak with him and make prayer a natural part of every day. Then start practicing. May your life be a prayer.[/i]

 2009/7/16 15:07

 Re: "May your life be a prayer" ~Extreme Devotion

“to speak the whole day so that after everything you say, you might be able to add ‘Amen.’ ”

What a heart~warming example!

Thanks for sharing this story... I, for one, have been blessed for reading it! :)

 2009/7/16 16:24

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