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 Martyrs in Myanmar


Escalating violence in rural Burma has resulted in a growing number of displaced Karen people – a tribal group that is 60 percent Christian. In just the last month alone, more than 4,000 ethnic minority Karen have crossed the border into Thailand. In addition, there are 500,000 internally displaced people in eastern Myanmar. This influx was brought on by fighting between the Karen National Union and the Myanmar regime.

President of Vision Beyond Borders Patrick Klein says atrocities abound against innocent Karen civilians. “Their villages are surrounded and rockets are lobbed in. The Myanmar regime then goes in with machine guns and mows down whoever is still alive, and then the evidence is burned. There are reports they’re also blockading villages so the people can’t go out and get food; it is also reported that women are being raped and men are being set on fire while they’re alive. And, they’re actually poisoning the water supplies now.”

Sixty percent of the Karen are Christians, but they’re feeling alone. While you may think there’s nothing you can do, Klein says differently. “When God’s people pray, things begin to happen. So we’d like to call people to pray and to get involved. [Americans] can contact their congressmen and let them know we know what’s going on in Burma, and we would like to see this stopped.”
Lars Widerberg (Intercessors Network)

Please saints pray, you that live on USA have better chances to help this brethren.


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 Re: Martyrs in Myanmar

You know it's INTERESTING that you post this. Just the other day I went to a fellowship and met some dear old friends who out of nowhere began to tell me of these people. The youth pastor had gone on a mission trip and while there learned of these people in Burma. I was told that they are a tribe that are MOSTLY Christian and that the other race is trying to kill them off genocidially. Also that there are millions of them. I was surprised that I had not heard of them before and asked about it and was told there were website and documentaries. I forgot the name of the sites, but I guess I can try and Google. I wonder if this is a BIG EMPHATIC thing in this moment that we ought to HEED. Then all of a sudden I see this post about the Karen people.

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 Re: Is this the story you are posting about?

[url=]Hindu extremists using death threats to force out Christians out of Nepal[/url]


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 Re: Martyrs in Myanmar

Here is a primary source link for information inside Burma:[url=]Free Burma Rangers[/url] The day before this thread was posted, I had several hours with others in fellowship/prayer with those God used to raise up this outreach.

When all Christian missionary groups left Burma in the late 90's (required by dictator/military take-over) one group stayed using the name Free Berma Rangers with a publicized focus that is posted on their web-site. They continue to minister Christ to Christians and not-yet believers (look carefully). This link: [url=]Wikipedia[/url] has an audio interview with the director of Free Burma Rangers under “Links.” Here is one of the video links documenting conditions: [url=]"In Hiding"[/url] I think it was distributed to US congressmen when Director, “Tha-U-Wa-A-Pa” testified there. God has saved many though conditions have worsened in waves.

As the currently featured sermon on SI reports [God Uses Foolish Things by Jackie Pullinger], I am impressed with how much God does with those that are "poor", surrendered, "nothing", "foolish" in His hands.

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