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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : David Wilkerson’s Warning for The Assembly of God: Sadly unheeded!

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pretty sure the mp3 of this called "The Gospel of Accommodation" is posted on SI.


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I remember when Bro. Wilkerson came to Springfield to preach this. I became a Christian in the A/G's and he couldn't have been more to the point when he preached it. Sadly the leadership of the A/G's largely ignored his message. As one post correctly pointed out, the A/G's have historically been a collective of independent churches making them at times very different from each other. This is quickly going away though as the last few General Council meetings have consolidated the powerbase of the denomination (yes it is or has become a denomination as opposed to a fellowship) in Springfield Mo.

There's been a quiet exodus in the A/G's of faithful ministers who have found it no longer possible to remain in the denomination. This is going to be addressed in the next General Council meeting this year. They are not going to ask why they are leaving however. The resolution proposed does not deal with men leaving because of false teaching taking over the A/G's; if passed, it only makes it very difficult for a church to leave the A/G's.

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