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 Are you a Calvinist? Arminian?

Calvinist? Arminian?

Follow the link and take this quiz and find out the truth!

Post the results if you want.

[url=]The Test[/url]

Colin Murray

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 Re: Are you a Calvinist? Arminian?

That is not an objective evaluation. It is obviously slanted and makes sport of those who venture to disagree. Not loving, IMHO.

EDIT. Removed sentence.


Sandra Miller

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As per another thread on calvinism debating this is being locked also.


I understand much of what you are saying, but you must remember that you are a guest here and the hosts' guidelines are that you refrain from stirring up this ancient debate. If you do a quick search of the SermonIndex archives you will find a plethora of these threads, already hotly debated over the years...and you will find the vast majority of them degenerating into ugly maelstroms and being subsequently locked. So, to answer this thread's question: yes, the Cal/Arm debate is divisive, especially when stirred up in a forum with believers of all different maturity levels.

This is why SermonIndex is not a battlefield to wage Cal/Arm camp warfare. There are other Christian forums on the net for that purpose. I have my own personal beliefs (also reformed), but I do not bring them here for the sake of polemics. I know what I believe and I am content to have fellowship with brethren of another camp; I can break bread and offer my arm in fellowship to any brother or sister who marches beneath the banner of Christ, regardless of their "spiritual ethnicity", as it were. Note, I am not saying you are guilty of this, however, this seems to be the sad, inevitable result of engaging this type of debate in an open forum.

The Lord has seen fit in the past not to join any one side, and so neither do I. He moved over John Wesley, and he moved over George Whitefield. This was because both men were enlisted in Christ, even though they differed on the more "hard to understand" points of scripture. Whatever your affiliation may be, it is not worth inciting debate and disrupting precious fellowship. Any threads that begin pointing to a specific side of a camp will be locked.

Thank you, and please pray about what our host brother Greg said.

Respectfully yours,



SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Very biased AND inaccurate. It scored me as a full blooded Calvinist.:-?

Thanks for the goof. :-P


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