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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Joel Osteen Preaches A Different Gospel!

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 Joel Osteen Preaches A Different Gospel!

Transcript of Larry King Live-Aired June 20, 2005

KING: Because we've had ministers on who said, your record don't count. You either believe in Christ or you don't. If you believe in Christ, you are, you are going to heaven. And if you don't no matter what you've done in your life, you ain't.

OSTEEN: Yeah, I don't know. There's probably a balance between. I believe you have to know Christ. But I think that if you know Christ, if you're a believer in God, you're going to have some good works. I think it's a cop-out to say I'm a Christian but I don't ever do anything...

KING: What if you're Jewish or Muslim, you don't accept Christ at all?

OSTEEN: You know, I'm very careful about saying who would and wouldn't go to heaven. I don't know...

KING: If you believe you have to believe in Christ? They're wrong, aren't they?

OSTEEN: Well, I don't know if I believe they're wrong. I believe here's what the Bible teaches and from the Christian faith this is what I believe. But I just think that only God with judge a person's heart. I spent a lot of time in India with my father. I don't know all about their religion. But i know they love God. And I don't know. I've seen their sincerity. So I don't know. I know for me, and what the Bible teaches, I want to have a relationship with Jesus.

A danger to the true church of Christ is preachers that preach a "seeker friendly" message. Joel Osteen does not believe himself that you have to accept Jesus Christ as the only way to God according to the transcript above. Out of his own mouth with his interview with Larry King shows he not sure of the ultimate truth of the Gospel. Jesus said Himself, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father except by Me." No "religion" will save man no matter what the name on the sign says out front. Man can not save himself no matter how many books are written with seven steps to be an over comer or twelve easy steps to be all that God wants you to be. If we could improve ourselves and make ourselves worthy and holy, we would not need God.

Joel Osteen needed to clearly state the truth of God's Word and refused to declare it that Jesus is the only way to God for salvation. No matter how sincere a person is in their religion, does not excuse the fact that they are sincerely wrong without Christ in their lives, period.

We need preachers to preach the truth and not assemble people together to teach self help doctrines that will never save anyone! I don't care if his church reaches 50,000! If the Gospel is not truly preached, it is nothing but a waste in the light of eternity!


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 Re: Joel Osteen Preaches A Different Gospel!

thank you for bringing this to our attention.

too bad its not the good old days when we had the 'tools' to handle hereticks.

don't you agree?

 2009/7/13 3:39

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East Texas


I pray that this talented pastor will be shown his error and return to the Lord and produce much fruit.


 2009/7/13 8:12Profile


I brought this same interview to everyone's attention 2 years ago... and talk about stirring up a hornets nest! Man some folks sure got mad at me.


 2009/7/13 9:04


I also posted this thread last year, and I think there has been two or three more. Olsteen admits to being a motivational speaker and a universalist. He's very slick, and many people really like him. He makes you feel so good about yourself, and hope in the future. His father actually was a pretty solid brother, though associated with TBN and Faith/Word theology; but no where near the wild success that Joel has attained. The minor detail is that he is not a Christian.

 2009/7/13 9:30

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 Re: Joel Osteen

Could you please send me a link to a video where joel osteen admits to being a motivational speaker and a universalist.

 2011/6/6 23:41Profile


This is what Steve Lawson had to say about Osteen and his famous Larry King "I dont know..." interview:

(Slamming the pulpit) "Give us some men who KNOW the truth!! And who will DECLARE the truth! And who will stand with Athanasius and Polycarp and Calvin and Luther and Whitefield and Edwards... and who will declare from the house tops that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation!"

Now that's preaching!


 2011/6/7 6:57


I brought this same interview to everyone's attention 2 years ago... and talk about stirring up a hornets nest! Man some folks sure got mad at me. Krispy

Well thank you both Krispy and yblek. Now if the occasion ever comes up why i have to answer as to why i don't honor this man i will have more of an answer.

Osteen's interview here sounds a LOT like one with Billy Graham and Barbara Bush, and also reminds me of one Graham had with heretic Robert Schuller. Osteen's answers here are very, very similar to Graham's answers on the very same question (the subject of salvation depending on Christ).

 2011/6/13 22:17

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Christ Himself is the gospel other related matters are just side issues, without Christ there will be no gospel at all.

Let us keep in mind that the plan of salvation is not simply an issue about going to heaven or going to hell. It is more complicated and far glorious than that.

 2011/6/14 0:13Profile

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For the record, Osteen publicy apologized for his statements on Larry King.


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