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 are we to love the sinner but hate there sin?

i always hear to love the sinner but hate there sin.
what are others points of view on this?
i came across this statement by finney i think it hits it on the head?
"God hates the sin, but loves the sinner." This isn’t a new concept.

Charles Finney stated, "God is not angry merely against the sin abstracted from the sinner, but against the sinner himself. Some persons have labored hard to set up this ridiculous and absurd abstraction, and would fain make it appear that God is angry at sin, yet not at the sinner. He hates the theft, but loves the thief. He abhors adultery, but is pleased with the adulterer. Now this is supreme nonsense. The sin has no moral character apart from the sinner. The act is nothing apart from the actor. The very thing that God hates and disapproves is not the mere event—the thing done in distinction from the doer; but it is the doer himself. It grieves and displeases Him that a rational moral agent, under His government, should array himself against his own God and Father, against all that is right and just in the universe. This is the thing that offends God. The sinner himself is the direct and the only object of his anger."

So the Bible shows. God is angry with the wicked [Psalm 7:11], not with the abstract sin. If the wicked turn not, God will whet His sword—He has bent His bow and made it ready—not to shoot at the sin, but the sinner—the wicked man who has done the abominable thing. This is the only doctrine of either the Bible or of common sense on this subject" (The Guilt of Sin).


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 Re: are we to love the sinner but hate there sin?

Have you ever been angry with your child? Does that mean you love them less? God desires us to be in a love relationship with him because he loves us. He sent Jesus to be the one perfect sacrifice because he loves us and because of our sin. We are loved, but love does not mean that we are not deserving of punishment. Sin does not please God, but it does not reduce the love that he has for us.


Christopher Kerr

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 Re: are we to love the sinner but hate there sin?

Well, I see no problem with the two different things you said to coexist. Hate and anger are far different in nature (atleast, that is my view on it, feel free to share your thoughts on that). Well, actually I more or less consider both of them to be true statements. Whereas the words of Carles Finney more or less clarify how one is not supposed to use "God hates sin, but loves the sinner." Except the usage of the word hate, but going into that would make this a long post I think =)

Anyhow, if I sin, God is angry with me.
But, he does not stop wanting to have a relationship with me. Such a relationship is only possible if I admit to what I have done and repent.

"are we to love the sinner but hate there sin?"
Well, yes. =)
But that means we should want what is best for the sinner, and that would be God. Which is not compatable with sin.

Still not quite awake, I hope it is possible to understand what I mean =)


Daniel Thorén

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 Re: are we to love the sinner but hate there sin?

I'm sorry I'm late in responding to this one. I believe this may be one of the biggest errors being made in churches today.
Formidable asked:
i always hear to love the sinner but hate there sin.
what are others points of view on this?
I have been pondering this question for a good many months. When I first came to SI, I listened to the long interview with Leonard Ravenhill and he said "We need to have a bumper sticker that says, 'God Hates You'." This thinking that God loves us no matter what is humanism. The judgement of God was handed down against sinful man a long, long time ago. I actually asked my 8yr. old the other day if God loves everybody and he said, "yes". I'm sure that I never would have gotten to the point of desperation that really brought me to my knees until I understood that God was not winking at me. And then I understood that I was in danger of burning in hell for all of eternity without God. Then, I began to repent with tremendous desperation. And now I know that I couldn't even have repented had God not opened my eyes. I believe the worst abuse of this lie that God loves us no matter what is happening in churches. To me, the thing that has clarified this issue is predestination. God loves those whom he has set his love upon. God chose me while I was yet a sinner to become a part of his family. He did it for reasons I cannot explain. If someone has any desire for God whatsoever, they can be sure it isn't because they had enough good sense to seek God. We cannot even turn to God unless he draws us and if he draws us, it isn't because he saw something "good" in us. It's because he has chosen you and it is mercy that has brought this about. I can't remember where I heard this, I think it was Tozer, said, "It isn't that all of mankind is standing at the door of heaven and God is standing there saying, 'This one can go in, but this one can't'. All of mankind is rushing toward hell with no thought of anything else and God is selecting some to make them aware of Himself". God hates everybody, unless he has chosen to love you. And this is what Spitfire has to say about that!

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