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 More on Abandonment

Hey Ya'll. I'm on a roll.Today I was listening to a Christian radio program and the guest was talking on the topic of "affair-proofing your marriage". I had to laugh. Today is my anniversary on marriage #2. I left my first husband of 19 years for the man I'm married to. This marriage isn't so great, either. This guy had alot of good answers, unfortunately, they required the co-operation of your mate. I've learned through my own search for happiness, that marriage can't make me happy. I can't change another person. I can only change me (and that only with God flipping on the lights). Chanin said recently that she is tired of the mixture of Christian psycholgy with the world's. Why do we feel that we have to solve people's problems, anyway? Can't we teach people how to walk on water? In other words, how to endure suffering with grace and faith. Christ is most glorified when I am most DEAD (BUT ALIVE UNTO GOD).

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 Re: More on Abandonment

I love your sign-off.

BTW I went to the same school as the designer of the Spitfire (though he was well before my time)

Ron Bailey

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 Re: abondonment


Christ is most glorified when I am most DEAD (BUT ALIVE UNTO GOD).

I love that!

Speaking of Abandonment, do you know that both biographies I read on Oswald Chambers and Amy Carmichael were called "Abandoned To God"!?

Another phrase I like is "wrecked on God". This one is from Devern Fromke [url=]Sure Foundation[/url]

Was this radio program "New Life Today" with Drs. Cloud and Townsend and (Steve)Arterburg? :-(

You are right, a person or a marriage can not make you happy- and it does take two people who are Christ-centered to make it work like a beautiful symphony. We all have our thorns or our crosses to bear- and even in the midst of these we can be at peace and live in joyous contenment. Don't ever give up hope though. It has taken my husband and I 14 years to come fully under God's authority as a couple. But we are here by His grace. :-)

In Him, Chanin


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Joined: 2004/8/3
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 Re: the radio program

Hey Chanin. The radio program was, "Midday Connection" syndicated out of Chicago on Moody Broadcasting. Their guest was a guy, last name, Harley (I think). He was from Marriage Builders. I appreciate your prayers. Please pray that I will see with clarity how I am holding onto my life and have the grace to let go. Thanks.

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