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 Re: The Lamentable Death Of Wicked Polly

I found this on the web as I was searching a site...thought I would share it here...

[b]The Lamentable Death Of Wicked Polly[/b]

Young people who delight in sin.
I'll tell you what has lately been:
A woman who was young and fair,
Who died in sin and sad despair.
She'd go to frolics, dance and play,
In spite of all her friends could say;
I'll turn to God when I get old,
And He will then receive my soul.

One Friday morning she took sick,
Her stubborn heart began to break;
Alas! alas! my days are spent,
Too late! too late for to repent.

She called her mother to her bed-
Her eyes were rolling in her head-
When I am dead remember well,
Your wicked Polly screams in Hell.

The tears are lost you shed for me,
My soul is lost, I plainly see;
Oh! Mother, Mother, fare you well-
My soul will soon be dragged to Hell.

My earthly father, fare you well,
My soul is lost and doomed to Hell;
The flaming wrath begins to roll,
I am a lost and ruined soul.

She gnawed her tongue before she died,
She rolled and groaned and screamed and cried,
Oh, must I burn forever more,
When thousand, thousand years are o'er?

At last the monster Death prevailed,
Her nails turned blue, her language failed;
She closed her eyes and left the world,
Poor Polly down in Hell was hurled.

It almost broke her mother's heart
To see her child to Hell depart;
My Polly, O my Polly's dead,
Her soul is gone, her spirit's fled.

Alas - how did her parents mourn
To think their child was dead and gone.
Oh! is my Polly gone to Hell,
My grief's so great no tongue can tell.

Young people, lest this be your case,
Return to God and seek His face.
Upon your knees for mercy cry,
Lest you in sin like Polly die.

Oh! sinners, take the warning fair
And for your dying bed prepare,
Return to Jesus Christ and live,
And He will life and pardon give.

Remember well your dying day,
And seek salvation while you may;
Forsake your sin and follies, too,
Or they will prove your overthrow.


Sandra Miller

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