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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : Peace After a Storm

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 Peace After a Storm

Peace After a Storm

1 When darkness long has veil'd my mind,
And smiling day once more appears;
Then, my Redeemer, then I find
The folly of my doubts and fears.

2 Straight I upbraid my wand'ring heart,
And blush that I should ever be
Thus prone to act so base a part,
Or harbour one hard thought of thee!

3 Oh ! let me then at length be taught
What I am still so slow to learn;
That God is love, and changes not,
Nor knows the shadow of a turn.

4 Sweet truth, and easy to repeat!
But when my faith is sharply try'd,
I find myself a learner yet,
Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide.

5 But, O my Lord, one look from thee
Subdues the disobedient will;
Drives doubt and discontent away,
And thy rebellious worm is still.

6 Thou art as ready to forgive,
As I am ready to repine;
Thou, therefore, all the praise receive;
Be shame and self-abhorrence mine.

William Cowper

Lee Chapel

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 Re: Peace After a Storm

In the storms of life, look with faith; and
you'll find a rainbow. Look with hope, and
you'll see Him walking over troubled waters.
Listen with love, and you'll hear Him say;
"Do not fear, for I am with you always."
Reach out, take His hand; the waves and wind
obey His command: "Peace be still, and know
I AM."


Martin G. Smith

 2009/7/2 10:30Profile

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