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 Truth ~ Extreme Devotion

“Christianity is not a teaching that one can get from books or sermons,” preached Serghey Mechen, leader of the Maroseyka Church in Moscow. “Jesus said, ‘I am the truth.’ Truth is a specific kind of life that you attain by following Christ’s example.”

It was 1923, and the new Communist government of Russia had launched the so-called “Living Church,” which was nothing more than socialism disguised as Christianity. Pastor Serghey flatly refused to read the prescribed prayers or preach the watered-down idea of God that the Communists approved. He continued preaching the truth to his flock, knowing he might suffer for it.

For five years, Serghey was imprisoned, and the Communists closed his church. But his time in prison only prepared Serghey more fully for ministry. Immediately upon his release, he resumed his work with the underground church. He faithfully ministered long hours each day until his former pastor, a man who had turned his back on God, betrayed him. The government rewarded that pastor with a job as a professor.

Serghey had often read Jesus’ words that “a good shepherd gives his life for his sheep.” He resolved to never betray his brethren. For his steadfast Christian activities, Serghey Mechen was executed by a firing squad in 1941. His life has passed, but his message remains: “The truth does not change to benefit one’s needs.”

[i]God does not come in a box. He comes in all his glory and fullness, or he is not God at all. Some may be quick to say they are not opposed to God, as long as it is the right god they want preached. As if they were in a spiritual cafeteria, they pick and choose what they like and enjoy about the idea of God and dismiss the rest like leftovers. God’s character and nature do not change with humanity’s whims, however. We may try to fashion God into another form, but we will ultimately fail. Refuse anyone who dismisses the full character and nature of God at any point. Can you recognize heresy when you see it?[/i]

 2009/6/30 13:43

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