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Discussion Forum : General Topics : As a Christian, What's your Feeling about Today's Jews?

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 As a Christian, What's your Feeling about Today's Jews?

As a Christian how/what do you feel about the Jews, and the nation of Israel today (pro or con), and why?

Also how/what do you think your Church, and countrymen, feel in regards this same topic?

Is anti-semitism on the rise, yes or no, and why?

The church i attend is pro Israel, we support Israel via prayer and donations, and even have a out reach ministry toward them, which ain't easy ... Most Jews i come in contact with regarding the Gospel aren't very receptive, and i'm always surprised that so many seem to worship at the synagogue of intellectualism, instead of spirituality ... Many i've spoken to have a real chip on their shoulder about God allowing the holocaust to happen ...

Unlike European nations, America as a government is pro Israel, as i also am as a citizen ... and seemingly most other Americans i talk to, saved and unsaved, agree in our governmental support of Israel, as a democratic nation, but from time to time i do hear rather nasty comments about Jews as a people, but not with the same vileness of say 20/30 years ago ... One factor being that younger Americans don't seem to carry the same severity of prejudice as the WWII/Great Depression generation ... The WWII generation, and their rabid bigotry are both dying out at the same rate ... And the RCC has become (at least overtly) a kinder, gentler entity in regards the Jews.

One thing i find ironic is that evangelical Protestantism today is the largest bloc of pro-Israel support in America, but that sentiment is not returned by Israel itself, and certainly not by American Jewry, particularly those attached to the ACLU, who are in effect attempting to destroy the name of Jesus from America ... Go figure ... But Jesus Himself did in effect say that we're to treat with kindness those that dispitefully use us ...

EU Report on Anti-Semitism

Roots of Anti-Semitism;

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 Re: As a Christian, What's your Feeling about Today's Jews?

Sometimes I get the feeling that this country supports the Jews so as to protect themselves from what is said in Scripture. So there is a kind of obedience and fear that is present in today's leadership. Just think, if we weren't supporting Israel at this moment, many things in Scripture would actually point to the U.S. as a possible player in the end times. Our leaders are trying to bring peace to the world including Israel. Our leaders have changed our national policy to preemptively striking out at other countries without clear provocation. And this is all presented in the terms of the desire to create peace.

In terms of Israel, most of the country is secular in nature. Thus they are condemned. Yet God is working, and He will mark 144000 saints before the great tribulation.

Art Katz has much to say on this issue. I believe he clearly defines what the Church's role should be in the end times. He says that according to Scripture found in Romans 11:11, "...But through their fall, to provoke them to jealousy, salvation had come to the gentiles." Katz says that the Church one day will make the Jews jealous of our relationship with God. This is the role of the end time Church. Yet, Katz says, that at this present time, there is nothing to make the Jews jealous of the Church.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

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