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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : "Honor Your Parents" ~ Extreme Devotion

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Roniya, this whole world is fixed on 'mother' while leaving out 'the father'. It's all spells, "Social Psychology and Philosophy".

jsisrl, I disagree with you. Roniya said this is a true story, but you take issue with it because the father is not mentioned. The story does not tell us where he was, but the possibilities are that he was either dead, in prison or elsewhere. I would believe he likely was dead or in a prison knowing this incident occurred in a Communist country where Christians were severely persecuted. And besides - it was the mother that was there, not the father. It was the mother the authorities brought in and were torturing so the persecutors used what they had to torture this brother more. But they did not succeed and therein lies the inspiration. Now - would you be so obedient to your mother?

(Perhaps you may want to check out Proverbs to see what advice the writers give concerning mother-son relationships.)

This incident has absolutely nothing to do with "Social Psychology and Philosophy".


EDIT: If a husband and wife work together in life, the wife does become an extension of her husband. Trust me - been married almost 42 years. I know what my husband thinks, how he thinks and what he wants. Having this knowledge provides me with the tools I need to function without asking him for every little thing which would bug him to no end. And he also gives me a lot of liberty to exercise my interests but all within the framework of his wishes. (EDIT) And it has nothing to do with nothing to do with "Social Psychology and Philosophy". It is life where the rubber meets the road.

Sandra Miller

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