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 Times Square Church Missions Outreach to Greenock Scotland



Times Square Church is leading a big mission group of 150 people to Greenock Scotland to evangelize and witness the gospel. If you have a burden to help and get involved and even go, I really encourage you to contact TSC. This is the same city where we had the Revival Conference in Greenock last November.

here are the details:

Greenock, Scotland
November 6–16, 2009

Located on the southern shore of the River Clyde, Greenock, Scotland was once a thriving ship-building port. In days gone by the riverbank was filled with over 60 ship-building docks, teeming with activity generating jobs and industry. This picturesque community set against tufted mountain bluffs where generation-old farms are still raising sheep and the famous long-haired Highland cattle.

Today only two of those original docks still stand, and the industry that they supported has all but disappeared, leaving a depressed community in search of itself. The beautiful scenery hides the depression, drugs, prostitution and youth violence that ensnare the community.

Despite the blight, God is faithful and on the move! In Greenock, a remnant church is reaching out to the community with the love of Christ in a variety of ways.

In November of 2008, Pastor Carter was asked to be a speaker at the Sermon Index Revival Conference held in Greenock. It was there that he felt the Lord impress him to return and bring a team of volunteers from Times Square Church with him to support the work that the local church is doing.

The main thrust of the outreach will be the meetings that Pastor Carter will be holding each evening in the Greenock Town Hall. The meetings will be open to the public and free of charge. In addition to these evening meetings he will be conducting pastors meetings during the day. Women’s meetings, worship seminars, youth events and businessmen’s meetings are also planned as part of the week’s schedule of events.

As a volunteer, you will be serving the local ministry teams as they reach out to their community. Outreaches will include working with the homeless, drug addicted, prisoners and youth in the public school system.


Join Pastor Carter and the ministry team to Greenock, Scotland!

Contact Times Square Church:


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 Re: Times Square Church Missions Outreach to Greenock Scotland

Hi Greg,

I watched the live webcast on Sunday, and Pastor Neil Rhodes announced that this is the last week in which to register for Greenock, and gave out times and locations at TSC, for doing so.

I guess they have a training programme for new missioners to attend, or there would be no need for the closing date to be this far in advance of the mission dates.

I'm not trying to put anyone off contacting TSC - the trip cost is $1,500.00 - but it [i]may[/i] be that [u]this route[/u] for joining the mission team is already closed, and contact with the Scottish leaders is the only remaining avenue.

Would you be able to check this out, and post your findings?

I see the two European Revival conferences are one preceding and one overlapping the start of, the Greenock outreach. Good work, brother!


 2009/6/20 3:16

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