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I agree with this article TJ, its a good one and i believe what it says to be true, but how i see it in scripture is left out in this article to some part, if a christian leaves the faith it is true they perhaps never where christians to begin with, but I fully believe it is possible for one self to leave the faith if you want to for some reason. I find this in scripture, the free will to chose God or reject him, i know many disagree and can not make such a statement and make it agree with other scriptures, but in my heart and spirit there is total peace over the fact. Without any contradiction. In the final day we will know for sure. For those who "make their election and calling sure", those who "hold fast" those who "take heed" those who "humble themselves" those who "have oil in their lamp".

like the ten virgins all where believers, all where waiting for the lord, ALL where vergins, unspotted by the world and pure from sin so to say, no one lived in sin, yet five of these believers where not ready due to they had no oil in their lamp, many will say they where not born again and that is why, i cant see that in the parable. And many many more parts of scripture show me without the shadow of a doubt it is possible, I do want to say i do not believe one sin or fall will exclude a believer from heaven, just as one righteousness act will not make someone holy.

all scripture that have a "perseverance" or "promise" attached to it are wonderful and comforting to me, but all have a condition attached to them, "faith" , "if" , "see to it", "beware" ect. I believe a believer who has faith accompanied with honesty and humility even tho they may fail every day until death can be in heaven, if his heart was true. And another can be much "holier" outwardly and end up in hell because he was not right in his heart.

We will not "resolve" this matter on this forum I believe :-) but I for one still think calling anyone who do not believe in eternal security doctrine to hold a heretic doctrine to be to much. To me to say someone is in heresy is a very serious thing, especially one i would consider a brother and could have sweet fellowship. If it is a doctrine that could cause harm to the believers walk, life and to others (church) i can see where we need to confront such a heresy. In this case there is no such danger.

For me the bible is wonderful, for a beliver who is in danger of Gods wrath and seemingly ignorant or just not caring about it, i can show him scripture to see wheter he is in the faith or even if he is born again, if he is i can show him verses that should case him to take his profession with more fear and more seriousness. To the believer that is born again but pherhaps living under satans condemnation and have no assurance i can show him Gods perseverance and Gods promises. Gods book is for all people not only a minor group within an even more minor set of doctrines. And i will not shy away from that fact.

Anyway God bless you all and thank you for your posts.


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