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 David - The Father

Just wanted to post some notes I have from a DeVern Fromke sermon I listened to many years ago...

The father heart of David. 1Ch_28:20 1Ch_29:1-2

David in preparing all things for the house to be built exemplifies the Fathers heart. God the Father brings together a house unified.

There are many different starting points(touchstones) in religion today.

Some start with God's sovereignty as a touchstone (Calvin) This developed into a whole system.

Some start with God's morality as a touchstone (Arminius) This also developed into a whole system.

There are many other touchstones in religion. God is power, God is spirit, God is love and God is just, all becoming touchstones. These roots become overshadowing. This is religion based on humanism, with man at the center. There are some good things in each of them, but there must be a balance of them all, with God at the center.

These touchstones, these things, are just different facets of the same diamond. For example, the Calvanist is focused on the facet of God's sovereignty, the Arminian is focused on the facet of God's free moral agency. Both need to pull back and view the whole diamond. There is one thing that brings all these other things together and gives them meaning.

What do we have in God that is different than these touchstones? The proper touchstone that will hold us in balance is that God is a Father. This brings significance and relatedness to all the facets.

God has dealt with us through His only created son(Adam) and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. All relates to Him as a Father.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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