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 hey i need some help on this question or some answers

I am trying todefend the Bible on a youtube post on actually the paul washer he died video but i can't seem to remember what i studied can somebody give me the answers to what he posted and also can if you can give me some sites to answer him back. here is his reply

what are you talking about? Mithra, Attis, Dionysus, Horus all predate judaism and christianity. And its these pagan characters on which jesus was biult on. A dieing and resurrecting god who absolves people of sins is very very common theme in pagan religions, and is what jesus is biult on. IT was normal in semetic religions for a tribe to cast their sins on a lamb and then send the lamb into the desert to die. This is where Jesus dieing on the cross to redeem sins was plagarized from

John Beechy

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 Re: hey i need some help on this question or some answers

The fact that Jesus lived, was crucified under
Pontius Pilate, has been very well documented
and historically established. Roman sentrys
guarded the tomb well because the Pharisees
believed His body would be stolen away by
His followers. His followers beheld the Son
of God risen from the dead, all of them died
being witness to this great truth of the
resurrection. The Jewish and Christian faith
are the only faith that hold the belief in
resurrection from the dead. None of the pagan
beliefs that you have mentioned hold to that
central belief!!

I would strongly recommend that you read
Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ!!

Martin G. Smith

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Think about it for a second...the idea of atonement did not start with the Hebrews. God prophesied of Christ to Adam and Eve. Then we see Able bringing a firstling of his flock as an offering.
All men have descended from Adam. And then all men have descended from Noah. What did Noah do as soon as he got out of the ark........he built an altar and offered burnt offerings. He would have passed this on to his sons who populated the whole earth....and that is why you see this throughout all these pagan religions.....that is why the story of the flood is told throughout all tribes of the earth. Who do you think passed that story down to their children? Noah's sons. When men fall away from God, they continue to do the rituals.

I am sure others will be able to explain in more detail.

In His amazing grace,

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