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 More news from Big Bro.

Micro lie detectors help screeners ID air passenger threats

An Israeli firm has developed a miniature system that can provide unobtrusive lie detector tests for commercial air travelers deemed suspicious.

The system uses a miniature computer chip that can provide voice analysis of those responding to questions from screeners at airports. Executives said the technology which they termed Poly-Layered Voice Analysis, measured voice for such traits as deception, excitement, stress, concentration, hesitation, anger, love and lust.

The chip can be inserted in an eyeglass frame and allow screeners to determine with 98 percent accuracy whether a suspicious traveler has intentions to launch an attack during flight, Middle East Newsline reported.

The new technology has been relayed to the United States for marketing by a New York-based company V Entertainment, which markets a product to allow screeners to process a would-be airline passenger within 30 seconds.

Executives said a chip small enough to fit in an eyeglass frame could read a subject's voice frequency. The chip was meant to provide nine analyses and flash a light upon detection of a lie. Conventional lie detectors measure the heart beat in an effort to detect whether a subject is telling the truth...

E-passports to put new face on old documents

One of the basic forms of personal identification, the passport, is on the verge of taking on a new, high-tech identity.

A number of countries are about to launch trials of passports and visas that incorporate basic biometric information about the document holder alongside the traditional photo and passport number--data such as a digital image of the citizen's face that will be compared to a facial scan taken at the airport.

The first country to take the plunge will likely be Belgium, which plans to conduct an e-passport trial later this year, with possible real-world implementation by next year. The U.K. Passport Office recently announced that it is looking for volunteers to help test the recording and verification of facial recognition, iris and fingerprint biometrics. And New Zealand and Canada are also actively looking into conducting trials.

Australia and the United States, meanwhile, have issued requests for proposals for trials of their own, and the Netherlands is looking at ways for banks to adopt chip-based documents that would be used to confirm identification...

A small step into an exciting future awaits just around the corner.............if you accept it in its coming form. :-?

Jouko Hakola

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