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 This prayer is for you!

Father we humbly come before You in the name of your Son, Father we seek nothing but your glory, we pray for our brothers and our sisters who read this and across the world.Father give us the courage to fight again today. Lord Jesus we cannot do anything without You, our hearts beat and our lungs breath this day because of You. Lord we thank You for Grace ,your mercy,lovingkindness that you bestow upon us even though we fall short of your Glory and grieve your heart time and time again. Loving Father forgive us, Father we love You, Lord Jesus your bride loves You and is desperately longing for You. King Jesus, how admirable You are! Father grant us the grace to die, that He may live! Lord we pray Father for those who have a grieving heart because their sin separates them from You. Father let your Joy be our strength, we will get up because of You, we will endure in You and draw near to You that You may draw near to us.Father there are those of us that wish we would never hurt or grieve your heart , your Spirit, or your Son, for those we pray that You give them a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus and his great love for us.Because surely the knowledge of your Son and love will win us over. Father we pray for all our brothers and sisters, only you know if there is a darkness of whatever aspect, shine your light upon them, shine your light upon us oh great Father of lights! Father let our heart break when we break your heart and let your gift of godly sorrow that is focused on You produce passion to live in a continual intimate relationship with you sustained by your love for us that you displayed on the cross. Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace, thank you Father for your love and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, we pray in the mighty name Jesus Christ Lord, Amen.

David Perez Jr.

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 Re: This prayer is for you!

I amen your prayer.


Allan Halton

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 Re: This prayer is for you!

Remarkable prayer dear Brother, clearly Made for [b][color=CC0000]H[/color][/b]is pleasure. Rev.4:11

With few posts on this SI, it is unlikely that you were gathered at Barnsdall where so many similar hearted Brothers and Sisters were recently. Testimony on the Barnsdall thread will encourage you. Sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit ....

Hear our heart cries Father. Impart your enabling, your great grace.

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Thank-you for praying this Prayer.
I really needed it.
Our Daughter had gallbladder surgery today, and it was more complicated than what we thought it would be.
Thank-God, she is alright.
I pray that God will bless you for taking the time to think of others.
Bless you over, and above ,and abundantly, more than you could ever ask or think, according to His Power that worketh in you.
Praise God for Jesus Christ.
In His Name.

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