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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Leading to marriage (Prayer Request)

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Well, I would like to possibly give some edifying advice.

You said that you are not going to show each other your pictures.

I have some issues with that.

Though not completely.

I mean if you really don't care if you are attracted to the person then so be it. Or if you are sure the Holy Spirit has done this.

Still. I am not sure there is reason for this. Unless again the Holy Spirit told you to do that specifically as well.

There is nothing wrong with seeing if you are attracted to someone. One reason to marry a person is that you are attracted to them. Of course it is not everything and to some nothing depending. I don't know if I would marry if I were not attracted to the person for I would probably take the advice of Paul and not marry if I did not care if someone were attractive. Though at the same time moderate attractiveness or even lil if called to it is also a thing that is in Christian marriages sometimes as we are not to have our best life now.

I will say this. One of the most dangerous things is subjectiveness in light of courtship. Not that we cannot receive subjective words from God. It is just a very hard issue because our natural inclinations are so that they can often delude us. Well often allow any small seeming providence make us to think it is God's call. I have seen it a million times.

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thank you both. love you.

proverbs 20:25: "it is a trap for a man to say rashly, 'it is holy!' and after the vows to make inquiry." you are so right about "subjective" things..oh, boy...

as for attractiveness being a factor in deciding who to marry...i have to say (with all due respect, of course) i disagree. shall i not serve a man just because he serves God? that's my heart, which is a gift of God to desire this without the limits of attraction...was that not why woman was created? i'm grateful that God has given me freedom from caring about looks in a man. i used to find it crucial, before God freed me of it. He is very kind! also, i see nothing in the Scripture indicating that should be a deciding factor, whereas i see plenty saying it should not. marriage is holy and passionate. it is a beautiful mystery! :) it is a tremendous responsibility. o, let us look upon it as God's decision, not our own. just another part of the beautiful sabbath life. let us be given at His choosing, not our own, as in all things in this life and in heaven. what wonderful unions they would be if we let Him be the Orchestrator!! i shall hold to this dream...i believe only God could make a fleshly, sinful human dream such a thing. praise Him for His freeing love.

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