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 Praying in tongues

Can someone help me find a link on praying in tongues.Do share your experience on praying in tongues if possible.

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 Re: Praying in tongues

here you go ,[url=]the truth about speaking in tougues[/url]


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 Re: Praying in tongues

There are many discussions here on SI about the gift of tongues...

[url= ]Discussion: speaking in tongues[/url]

[url= ]Discussion: Come out of her my People[/url]

[url= ]Articles: Smith Wigglesworth[/url]

I am of the belief (not written in stone but until the Lord shows me different...), that the New Covenant is the Holy Spirit and He couldn’t come until Christ died and went back to our Father! It's not John the Baptist, but the Holy Spirit.

[i]Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, [b]even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come,[/b] saith the LORD of hosts.[/i]
Micah 3.1

On to the topic at hand (also, hmmmhmmm gave another very good article by Zac Poonen). I believe in all the gifts of the Spirit in operation in the Church today but sadly, most major on the minor (speaking in tongues) and you should know that [b]NOT[/b] by a long shot do I believe that tongues is the least of all the gifts – just because they were mentioned last. All the gifts of the Spirit are equal to one another, none more important than the others and none least to the others.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that human beings tend to (list things importance) to give credence to our belief system; an example could be, “Well, it’s the “least” of the gifts, so why bother?”

Truly, is there anything we would or should declare “[b]least[/b]” about God or His son, Jesus Christ?? Then why would we declare anything “[b]least[/b]” about the other 1/3 of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit?

Now, I say the above with guilt on my shoulders as well; I have agreed with others (that it was the least of all the gifts) to appease them because I knew they didn’t believe in it and I didn’t want to make waves so I agreed right along with them. Since repenting and crying over it (Matt 12.37), the Lord finally showed me what I shared with you above. Take it or leave it because I know that some will not change their minds until the Lord shows them as well! (I’m the same way, it’s a two way street).

What is your belief or experience? :-)


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 Re: Praying in tongues

Hi Jesusloves,
I believe a lot of the funk/controversy surrounding the word,'tongues' would be cleared away if we use its modern-day equivalent: 'languages'.

I believe its a supernatural ability given by the Holy Ghost to an individual to speak another language [natural or supernatural] in which the speaker had no previous facility.

This is from my very limited experience in praying in another language:
There are times i feel a burden to pray...sometimes like a sense of foreboding. Usually i don't have a foggy idea what's going on but i know i need to pray. Many atime, i just trust that the One who made me aware of my need to pray will also provide a way for me do so. I believe this is where praying in a supernatural language comes in.
I believe I've shared this testimony here before:
A few years ago, a dear friend had delivered a healthy baby boy. A few days after that, DH and i were just enjoying each others' company when i suddenly felt an urgent need to pray. I had no idea what about. Told DH and he suggested we pray we prayed in 'tongues' for a bit and just be open to the Lord and then ...then understanding came and he began to pray and declare that there would be no [?!?] and speak Scripture about the Lord giving us life.
A few days later, we find out the newborn had been in surgery because an alert nurse had passed by and thought he didn't look right. Praise God for nurses! Anyhow, the neurosurgeons were called and the situation redressed before any damage happened to his brain cells. When we talked about it later, [the parents and us], we discovered it was about the time we were praying that the nurse called the doctors and the problem was rectified expeditiously.
I just praise God that He chooses how and when to exert His power on the behalf of His children...and He sometimes lets us in on it!

Bless His Holy name. Amen.

PS: Any blank spaces are due to my overactive internet filter!


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Not sure how to give my opinion on this subject now. There was a time in my life when I was in the charismatic church. several years ago at a church, the pastor asked if anyone wanted to receive the gift of tongues, I went up front now knowing what was going to happen. When the pastor came to me I fell down or I was pushed was a long time ago...little fuzzy now. Anyways as I was laying on my back two others came to my side speaking in tongues, in a fashion as to get me to repeat what they were saying or it was to "draw out" what was already in me.(can't imagine Paul laying hands on others this way or the Holy Spirit falling like that...figured He would be quicker.) I think I recall hearing something to that effect. I remember saying a few syllables or shallow utterance coming out of my mouth, and then they started to encourage me more and more and then began to increase in sound and syllables..then they said I got it! So from that point on I spoke in "tongues". As the years went on with my new gift, I began to wonder if it was real? I wondered if it was just emotional experience? Questions flooded my this real, did Apostle Paul speak this way? Was this the real gift that Jesus talked about? If it was so real why was I so inconsistent in my walk? If I really had tongues then I should be stronger, walking in victory and liberty...see, that was what I was told anyways. I began to read John Macarthurs book, "Charismatic Chaos", which helped me with the many questions I had. After a series of other events, I stopped speaking in tongues, I left the charismatic movement. Now after all these years after to this point now I wonder if I had the genuine deal and repressed it? Did my insecurities and being a immature believer hinder this "gift"? I wasn't that studious back then and just listened to others who were far more advance than I.

Lord has been scrubbing my mind of all religion and traditions that are in the church. He has been leading me to the truth and away from the traditions of men. So now I am at the point to say..Tongues are real and alive....did I have it then...not sure! I know the Lord would understand if by my ignorance I suppressed and spoke against the gifting. And would grant me repentance.

I do believe in praying and speaking in tongues, God is alive and so is this gift; but, how it is used today, in some circles, I am not sure it is real.

blessing and grace in your search for the truth

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 Re: Praying in tongues

May the following be of help to you in your search.

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Hello Reformer. Sounds like my story. I too went for years wondering if the few syllables that came out of my mouth was the genuine article. But no one coaxed me, they just prayed with me. I got up the next day to declare that I did not receive it. As soon as I did that the Pastor hopped from his seat and spoke a kind word to his small congregation. The night before a friend of mine told me after I had received the holy Spirit that he came up to pray for me because the LORD said to go up there and lay your hands on me to anoint me. With those witnesses I believed. But it was still shaky, I was encouraged to pray in tongues and to tell you the truth of the matter, to me it sounded very much like gibberish, like a child trying to form his first words. I wondered why it didn't roll out like the older ones that I heard around me. Remarkably it did as time went on and I continued praying in tongues the language changed, still not understanding a word what I was saying it began to sound differently as if maturing. I too was being stripped away from the traditions of men and I was being led into truth that doesn't bind men but sets them free by clinging to the cross of Christ.

There are teachings out there that one receives the holy Spirit when they "Believe". I wonder why the devils don't get the holy Ghost for it says they "believe and tremble".

It is true you don't have to speak in tongues to receive the holy Ghost, but when one does receive the holy Spirit, they will speak in tongues OR prophesy.

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 Re: Praying in tongues

Can someone help me find a link on praying in tongues.Do share your experience on praying in tongues if possible.

Praying in tongues is a phenomena that takes place as the Spirit gives utterance. Utterance is the result of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. The picture of this is clear from the Old Testament Temple. When God's glory was on the Temple the [u]voice[/u] of God was present; or in another way of saying it 'there was an open vision.' This is not written Law, it is what the 'Spirit' is saying in direct response to the situations that existed at hand. As the people grew wicked, as did Eli and his house for example, there was 'no open vision.' The glory begins to depart and the voice of God goes with it.

If we reverse this picture when the glory comes so does the 'voice' of God. When an individual responds to God in such a way that His glory comes and the fire falls then the 'voice' of God will also be in their mouth, as the Spirit 'gives the utterance'. This is what happened in the static Temple in the OT and was the case with our Lord as He walked the earth. He was the Temple while He was on earth and He was the 'voice' or 'Oracle' of God. John Baptist was filled with the spirit from his mothers womb and was a 'voice' crying in the wilderness. His 'voice' broke 400 years of prophetic silence. The glory was returning- John died- Jesus walked as the Temple for He said- destroy this Temple and I will raise it in 3 days. He spoke of His body. He was FULL of the Holy Spirit and spoke with prophetic insight and authority.

Jesus ascends to heaven and the glory fills the House at Pentecost. What was the result? The 'voice' of God was in their mouth in the form of an 'utterance'. They spoke with tongues and others prophesied and spoke of the glorious things of God- but the common factor was a Holy Spirit given 'utterance'. Tongues are a language in which certain individuals speak or pray or sing as the Spirit gives utterance. They key, in my mind, is 'utterance'. I care not about tongues as much as Mormons spoke in tongues in the U.S. in Independence before they did at Stones Folly in Topeka (as it were). But the issues is- is there an utterance? Is God backing the words?

If we have the well springing up in us unto everlasting life- that well will at times spring forth in utterance of edification to the individual and the body of Christ- depending on what the Spirit wills- though the spirits of the prophets are subject unto them and can be resisted. But the Spirit divides these things severally as He will according to the present tense need.

Just some incoherent thoughts to bring out ...

Robert Wurtz II

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 Re: Tongues-my one experience

Thankyou to each of you who replied to this post on tongues. I used to pray in tongues many years ago, but have not been regular with it at all. Questions and doubts have risen and at the same time there is this prompting within me to pray more in tongues. The best way I describe my experience is - like the way we open a tap to let the water flow and then shut it- we have the freedom to open ourselves up to pray in tongues or shut/ignore that nudge. I can recollect just one experience when I look back that ties in with a result. My child had gone for a camp meeting from church. At about 11pm, as I was falling asleep there was this urgent urge in me to pray in tongues- i yielded and after about 30min(not sure of the time gap) I got a phone call from my child(teenager) in tears asking me 'mom can I take water baptism'.I told my husband and we both said 'sure' . I know for sure that that praying in tongues was fighting in the spirit for my teens salvation. After this incident- i do pray -then stop- and now a days not regular at all.
Personal experiences or even links will be great. Smith Wigglesworths experience was also inspiring.I will go to all the links posted here. Thankyou once again.

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While I have talked to a few people that speak in tongues, I have yet to meet anyone that interprets tongues. As the Lord speaks through me, there are words that I recognize for some of them are repeated often - sometimes it is someone's name.

Where I live, people don't "do" these things so it is difficult to see how this would work in a church setting. I have no doubt that one of these days the Lord will show me.

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