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excerpt from here, recommend you read in its fullness[url=]A DISCIPLINED LIFE - Richard S. Taylor[/url]

1. Reinforce your motivation for a disciplined life. Think often of the disappointment that you will be to God if you fail to be the man or woman that He wants you to be, just because you are too lazy.

2. Begin with the simple things. A disciplined Christian will always seek to avoid making unnecessary work for others. So hang up your clothes. Make your bed promptly and neatly every morning. Keep the washbasin clean, and put your shoes in their proper place. Clean the tools that you use, and put them back where they belong. Don't despise these trifles as being irrelevant to becoming spiritual. They are the very essence of it. They indicate that extra touch of foresight, carefulness, and thoughtfulness that makes the difference between a spiritual Christian and a carnal one.

3. Show respect to all men - even to the poor and lowly. When speaking or listening to someone, develop the habit of looking at him, as if no-one else mattered to you at that moment. When in a meeting, discipline yourself to keep your eyes on the speaker, instead of allowing your eyes to wander here and there. To gaze around at people, or down at your feet is rude and discourteous, both to the Lord and to the speaker.

4. Tackle the difficult tasks promptly. Do first the things that you would rather do last. Sit down right now, and write that letter (or that article), that you have postponed for so long.

5. Be punctual for the meetings of the church and for your appointments. The habit of being on time will never be acquired, unless you are convinced that Christian courtesy demands it, and unless you plan ahead and allow yourself a sufficient margin of time to get to the appointed place.

6. Don't waste your time in idle daydreaming. Bring every thought into captivity to Christ. Make use of your spare time to read Christian books, or to fellowship with someone, or to help others.

7. Don't be agitated when unexpected events throw your well-laid plans into confusion - for that is only foolishness. Believe on the other hand, that what seems to you at that moment to be nothing but human blundering, may be the gentle steering of God for your very best (Rom.8:28) - and so give thanks to the Lord for His orderings.

8. Love your critics. Cultivate an attitude of sincere gratitude for all correction. This is also a discipline. Getting offended when corrected is a mark of immaturity. Be willing to learn from the lowliest.

9. Be restrained in the areas of curiosity, prejudice and dogmatism. Don't be a busybody in the matters of others. Don't have a bias against any person or community. And don't be stubborn in insisting that you alone are right. Watch yourself constantly in these areas.

10. Conquer gluttony. Eating is not a sin, but gluttony is. Paul said, "All things are lawful for me; but I will not be mastered by anything. Food is for the stomach, and the stomach is for food; but God will (one day) do away with both of them...The body is for the Lord" (1 Cor.6:12,13).
One should eat heartily and with enjoyment. But we should know what is good for us, and how much, and have the self-control to stop when we should. The best exercise for health is the 'push-ups' from the dining table. Excessive overweight always leads to under-productivity in the work of God, and can also shorten our lives considerably.
If our lives are shortened, because of exposure to difficult climates in the Lord's work, or other unavoidable factors, or because of persecution, we can die with honour. But if our life is shortened because of overeating, what will we say when we stand in the presence of our Lord?

11. Learn to wait. To grab something before God's time is to spoil it. There is a time in God's timetable for all things - for example, in the matter of marriage. Wait for that time, and don't rush ahead. If you would be a disciplined person, learn to respect the time-tags that are found on life's joys and responsibilities and privileges. We don't help God by opening a rosebud - we simply spoil the blossom.

12. Welcome the difficult tasks in life. Cultivate a sense of responsibility in doing them faithfully. Ask yourself these questions:
Can I be depended on to fulfil any task assigned to me?
Am I quick to help when a job needs to be done, or do I find myself slipping away quietly?
Do I accept responsibility for my decisions, and also for my mistakes?
Can I be depended on in money matters?

13. Be systematic in prayer and Bible-reading. This is essential for a disciplined life. The discipline of determining to spend a fixed amount of time for this, at any cost, every day, will by itself bring rich rewards.

14. Avoid unnecessary luxuries and don't be wasteful in spending money. "Suffer hardship as a good soldier of Christ" (2 Tim.2:3).
There are dangers in times of ease and prosperity that can be avoided only by some deliberate acts of self-denial on our part. "When the nest is feathered too well, the eaglets do not learn to fly". This is where fasting has a real value. Our goal in life is Christlikeness, not a comfortable life.

The Christian life is serious, challenging and demanding. Following Jesus will lead us, not to a picnic, but to a battle. And let us remember that our Captain "never pleased Himself" (Rom.15:3).
As His disciples, let us then:

- have a passion for improving the quality of our Christian life;

- have a sense of stewardship towards life, to fulfil God's will;

- be ready at all times for sacrifice or for service;

- apply ourselves faithfully at all times to the task at hand;



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Wow. Hey we need more articles like this one.

I really like this one

"1. Reinforce your motivation for a disciplined life. Think often of the disappointment that you will be to God if you fail to be the man or woman that He wants you to be, just because you are too lazy."

And also the one about gluttony


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Oh how i need to read this over and over again until I really absorb it.

Thank you for posting this!


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