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 Liddell-Scott Greek Lexicon

The Perseus website has some amazing tools for those with a little skill in using them. One of the best Greek Lexicons ever produced was by Liddell and Scott. (some may be interested to know that Liddell was a personal friend of Lewis Carol and that Liddell's daughter 'Alice' was the original Alice in Wonderland.) This Lexicon links biblical usage with classical usage. We need to be careful here as words can change their use and koine Greek (biblical Greek) is not the same as Classical Greek. however for word derivation it can be very instructive.

The original will cost you $145 from but you can get it free (and in user friendly form) on the web! Try LIddell Scott. This will give you the Westcott and Hort text for the New Testament (that itself needs cautious use). Find the NT book, chapter and verse and double click the Greek word you are interested in. This will give you a choice of lexicons. The easier one is called Middle Liddell, but the most comprehensive one with Classical quotations is called LSJ.

This has never been matched as a Lexicon tool.

Ron Bailey

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