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 The prayer of faith

The Prayer of Faith by Reuben Archer Torrey : I was blessed by this article...I have here few paragraphs from the article.

The Prayer of Faith

Some years ago I was speaking at a Y.M.C.A. Bible Conference at Mahtomede, White Bear Lake, Minnesota; I was speaking on the subject of prayer. I had to hurry immediately from the amphitheater to the train. As I passed out of the amphitheater I saw another minister from Minneapolis, who was to follow me immediately on the program. He was greatly excited. He stopped me and said, “Mr. Torrey, I am going to tear to pieces everything that you have said to these young men this morning.” I replied, “If I have not spoken according to the Bible, I hope you will tear it to pieces. But if I have spoken according to the Book you had better be careful how you try to tear it to pieces.” “But,” he exclaimed, “you have produced upon these young men the impression that they can pray for things and get the very thing that they ask for.” I replied, “I do not know whether that is the impression that I have produced or not, but it certainly is the impression that I intended to produce.”

“But,” he said, “that is not right; you must say if it be according to God’s will.” I replied, “If you do not know that the thing which you have asked is according to God’s will, then it is all right to say, ‘If it be according to Your will.’ But if you know God’s will, what is the need of saying, ‘If it be according to Your will’?” “But,” he said, “we cannot know God’s will.” I answered, “What was the Bible given to us for if it was not to reveal God’s will?” “Now,” I said, “when you find a definite promise in the Bible and take that promise to God, don’t you know that you have asked something according to His will? For example, we read in James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” “Now,” I said, “when you ask for wisdom do you not know that God is going to give it?” “But,” he said, “I do not know what wisdom is.” I said, “If you did you would not need to ask it, but whatever it may be, do you not know that God is going to give it?” He made no reply. I never heard that he tried to tear what I said to pieces, but I know that later he himself spoke very boldly on the subject of confidently asking God for the things that we need of Him, and that are according to His will.

No, when you have a definite promise in God’s Word you do not need to put any “ifs” before it. All the promises of God are yes and amen in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 1:20). They are absolutely sure, and if you plead any plain promise in God’s Word you need not put any “ifs” in your petition. You may know that you are asking something that is according to God’s will, and it is your privilege to know that God has heard you, and it is your privilege to know that you have the thing you have asked; it is your privilege to get up from prayer with the same absolute certainty that that thing is yours that you will afterward have when you actually see it in your hand.

Suppose some cold winter morning when I lived in Chicago I had gone down on South Clark Street that was then teeming with poor men, and some shivering tramp should have come up to me and said, “Mr. Torrey, it is very cold and I need an overcoat. Will you give me an overcoat?” And then I had replied, “If you will come over to my house this afternoon at 39 East Pearson Street, at two o’clock, I’ll give you an overcoat.” Promptly at two o’clock the tramp makes his appearance.....

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