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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Calvary Chapel is NOT part of the "Emergent Church"

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 Calvary Chapel is NOT part of the "Emergent Church"

Please I pray that all hear what I have to say.

Calvary Chapel is NOT part of the "Emergent Church" in fact it is denounced repeatedly by Calvary Chapel's Pastors.

Also I pray that we all would get our facts straight before writing. There was a quote that stated "Joey Buran was a Calvary Chapel pastor for many years before leaving in 2005 to start his own church".

This comment just stirs up confusion and is very dangerous.

Pastor Buran never left Calvary! His ministry is still a part of Calvary Chapel, He still holds to the same truths that all Calvary Chapel's do.

I do not see the wisdom in condemning an outreach brought on by Calvary Chapel "sister" churches and then promoting it by telling about all the wonderful events that will take place at the "Movement"

Please I pray that all would seek the truth for themselves and not just follow what someone has claimed to be true.

Follow these links to know more about what Calvary Chapel believes and how you can find a Bible Teaching church in your area.



May God Bless you all with HIS wisdom and understanding.

 2009/5/29 22:02Profile

 Re: Calvary Chapel is NOT part of the "Emergent Church"

I was listening to you brother. and as I just wrote, I found the difference in between the loosely held concept of "emerging" and the tightly held "Emergent".

I somtimes think people go on a bit much about the "bible belt", and yet assume that Southern California is the "seat of satan", nothing could be farther from the truth.

Much to my pain and my testings, I have learned that Jesus is much loved, and His Name and Ministry is strong in this district. I do miss my home congregation at Hope Christian Church, and praise God!, His 'new work" He has given us in Santa Monica, a proud fleshly city where Jesus is just an "afterthought".....the perfect place for an assembly!! Glory to God!! I have told my mentor, that I have staked out the "toilet" ministry as my very own, meaning I shall wield mop and sponge, and broom and vacumn with delight!! Poor to be fed, count me in, seniors to be driven to assembly, count me in, the thinly attended prayer meetings, count me in!!

make us small, so You, Dear Lord, can be counted Large.

in Jesus love, neil

 2009/5/30 18:04

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