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 The Glory of God in Marriage

RE: "The Glory of God in Marriage" by Paul Washer.

Quote from the above sermon:

"The goal of marriage is to conform you into the image of Christ, that's the goal of marriage. Now in God's sovereignty, this is what he has done: he has given you a woman - in his sovereignty - to be strong in all the points where she must be strong so you will not be tempted beyond what you can bear. But also the sovereignty of God has given you a woman with divine orchestrated weaknesses. He's given you a woman where she is weak in some places where you would give your right arm for her to not be weak. And why? Because his great purpose in your life is to conform you into his image of Jesus Christ." (21:56 minute)

My comments: this was the first time I ever heard this concept shared. And it is such a comfort to hear another say this. To get real personal, it has been a source of annoyance to be strong in an area in which my husband is all the sermons on marriage I have heard - and there have been plenty, I promise - they can make you feel bad, like your husband is not strong like he should be, etc., etc., and that it is the woman's fault ad nauseam. The closest thing I heard on this subject is that a wife is to submit her abilities, insights, strength to her husband, to assist him in his work; she is to fill in the gaps in his life, especially in areas where he is lacking. And the interesting thing is that God made males to have these gaps, otherwise he would not need a woman. (God called Eve a "help-meet" - fascinating concept if you think about it long enough.)

I suggest you listen to the entire sermon - it is posted here on SI.

What do you all think!


Sandra Miller

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 Re: The Glory of God in Marriage

yah it is a great sermon, the other one on missions is very good to.

John Beechy

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this is a favorite sermon of mine...i have sent this to almost every couple i know that even makes any passing comment about God. it really is about glorifying God, and serving another person to glorify God. not about me.

another great thing paul washer was used to say was, "'me' is a monster you can't feed."
take that into marriage...thank God for paul washer and what God i believe uses him to do! i believe this is a must-hear for anyone getting or who is married.

also for women, check out "the hidden women" through denny kenaston. he goes through and shows what a help-meet really should be.

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