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I've been on both extremes of the music "debate". When I was younger, it was "anything goes". At one point, about 7 years ago, I basically thought that anything that was not orchestrated or choral music could not possibly be glorifying to God. Rhythm was the enemy! The Backbeat was the personification of the devil. Contemporary Christian Music was right from the pit. Gimme a break! Now, I believe I have a more balanced understanding. I believe the music that glorifies God under the currently understood "Christian" label must embody the fruit of the Spirit, the focus should God and not Man, the people writing, playing, and recording the music must have lives that are above reproach like anyone who is in a position of leadership for the Church, and the people putting out the music should be in it for the Glory of God, not their own glory. I have had firsthand accounts from people about some of the harder rock bands living like secular rock bands with the drugs and women etc. but I also think there is a lot of good stuff out there. Basically, like everything in our lives we must prayerfully consider what we are allowing into our hearts and go as the Spirit leads. He will never lead us contrary to His word, so we can always depend on that unshakingly. If we ever think the Spirit is leading and the Word says something different, we can know that it isn't the Holy Spirit of God. Let each of us be convinced in our own conscience, and NOT divide the Body of Christ over this.

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 Re: Music

Did you mean to post this under "Christian rock music...?"? Like what you had to say though. Are we getting divided over this, or just throwing out comments? I don't feel a division. I think I've been informed. :-D

Yolanda Fields

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