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 Revival Conference Barnsdall, OK - 7 Days away...


The conference is just 7 days away. Spread the news on your blogs about the live webcast and visit the page and bookmark it:

Will God send another great awakening?

There are over 10,000 conferences that happen every year. The 'Revival Conference' is not to be just another conference but a honest, sincere, earnest plea for the desperate need of revival. There is no cost to attend the event. No materials will be sold. There will be no big bands. The conference will have the chief object to be God-glorifying. The speakers will come on their own accord trusting God for provision. There will be no emphasis on money during the event. The event will be a simple, apostolic, yearning for a genuine biblical revival in our day.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Revival Conference Barnsdall, OK - 7 Days away...

I look forward to being there! I hope to see as many of you saints as possible.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Revival Conference Barnsdall, OK - 7 Days away...

In a week will be the revival conference in Barnsdall. This whole website was birthed out of a burden of wanting God to visit our lands again. It has stirred many of us up to the point where we have come to see this need and have come under the weight of this burden as well.

I am calling on all of you thousands out there that visit this site to please rally together at this time in a sacrificial way, in earnest, fervent prayer, casting off all that distracts and pray as never before. Even let’s go a step further and commit to buffet the flesh by fasting along with prayer that God will begin at Barnsdall to pour His Spirit and that it will spread like wildfire all over this land and across the ocean into other nations.

Look around us and see that the need is great. Let us go to our knees and pour out our hearts before Him. Oh that He would hear a multitude of voices broken over what we are seeing and what we know will come to pass if He does not step in by means of another great awakening.

Thank you for co-laboring to see the glory of God.


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 Re: Revival Conference Barnsdall, OK - 7 Days away...

Unfortunatly I have a prior commitment on 4 June, and what I say I say without rancor, or pride, or rebuke, but I have a suggestion: throw the clock away, rip up the timetable.

say "the Revival conference begins on June 2nd at 3:30 pm and ends, God willing on June 4th 9:30 PM...maybe". "God willing the Holy Ghost will be doing the Moderating and Jesus will Pastor this meeting". "ALL welcome".....

in my humble opinion, as God leads, thats all the brochure should say, no list of speakers, no description of the other "10000 conferences", but describes itself as somehow different with these words:"The 'Revival Conference' is not to be just another conference but a honest, sincere, earnest plea for the desperate need of revival."

Not meaning to question the Godly sincerity of all you beloved saints, but its really no different when you have this man speaking from 3:30 to 4;30 and that man speaking from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm...with neat boxes of time. I bless God that you all are meeting there with open hearts,and a deep sincere longing for revival, but would to God you smash clocks and timetable, ask God the Holy Ghost to Moderate, beg Jesus to Pastor, get on our knees, get on faces, and unless a man or woman has the Annointing, would they get up to speak the Word of God.

Believe me, when Jesus is running the meeting, there will be NO disorder, No confusion.

Humbly, just a suggestion for next time, just call the meeting "Waiting on God", invite burnt out, dead to self workers and worms of Christ, forget holding it in a church building, get a pasture (or campground)somewhere (that people can find) rent a big tent, encourage folks to bring their own tents, IF they go to sleep, say the meeting starts on the 3rd of ....and we [b]might[/b] finish on the 7th, but Glory to God, we could be in that area for six months. No TV cameras, no "god-tv", like that other god-forsaken stain, no recorders...and three months before you begin, assemble 3 to 7 saints to committ to 90 days of prayer, and besceehing God to pour water on a dry and thirsty ground.

If you want to try that type of ministry, count me in, It would be JOY know why? Because we wouldnt KNOW how God would move in His Sovereignty, because we cast all our hopes and longings on Jesus, and Jesus never fails.

Just my leading and burden. I beg you, dont take this as an admonishment, I just been listening to what happened in revivals of old, and God is the same today as He was yesterday.

I love you Greg, and the Lord loves you, neil

 2009/5/26 11:00

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Unfortunatly I have a prior commitment on 4 June . . .

. . . throw the clock away, rip up the timetable.


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Bless you dear brother!
Yes, how we all long for God to manifest Himself so powerfully and gloriously that words, plans, speakers, timetables, etc are abandoned as God takes over.
These revival gatherings are small beginnings...the desire for God is growing, the hunger for revival is increasing, the prayers are becoming more passionate...soon we may be desperate. God is watching and listening...surely He will answer.
In revivals of old sometimes the people waited on God with no agenda and sometimes they continued with their order of service. But in either situation God looked at the hearts of the people and whenever He decided to move nothing could prevent Him; He overwhelmed all that was happening. The preacher scheduled to preach was sometimes rendered speechless and God did His wonderful work alone. And sometimes the preacher, or another person, received an anointing from God and their words became a fire and God spoke His wonders through them.
I guess God is never predictable...He may do something He has never done before. One thing's for sure....we won't be able to stop Him!

So.....let's just be ready!! He's a mighty God indeed!!

Your sister, Gwen

Gwendoline Mead

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