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 Greg Violi southern US May 27 - June 10

EDIT: I've just realised the Revival Conference in Barnsdall, Ok is in the middle of this period. In no way is this announcement intended to draw folk away from that conference, who were burdened to go. Be obedient. John 2:5. [end edit].

I didn't give any feedback to the UK thread about Greg Violi, partly because I am still working through the impact of allowing him to pray for me. I was shell-shocked for at least two weeks, and I'll never be the same again. 8-)

Since then, I've discovered two links on the right of his home page, which give more opportunity to examine how the Lord speaks through Him. One is simply [u]Fernandina Beach[/u]. The other is a URL for last year's [i]Heart of Fire[/i] conference. EDIT: 2 Chron 7:14, Phil 2:8 [end edit]

His focus is Christ all the time, and His total humility, coupled with a ruthless EDIT: but loving [end edit], relentless rejection of pride of all kinds in whatever forms it raises its head in man. He can't do this for you, but he does it for himself EDIT: as the word adjures we all should [end edit] - which takes the ground from under the enemy's feet, and God is faithful to answer prayer for those who are repentant and willing to forgive.

The six destinations of this tour are:

May 27 Grover, N.C.
May 28 & 29 Dublin, Ga
May 30 & 31 Davisboro, Ga
June 1 - 3 Fort Deposit, Al
June 4 & 5 New Orleans, La
June 6 - 10 Lafayette, La

[url=]Itinerary contact details for times and precise location of meetings.[/url]

 2009/5/25 7:14

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